Five Privileges American Senior Citizens Should Enjoy

Senior citizens make up a small portion of the American majority. But every year, Americans over the age of 65 continue to grow in number. This is why more legislators are working to create laws that will make life easier for the aging generation.

These simple entitlements are rightfully earned privileges because today’s senior citizens have contributed to the present U.S. economic powerhouse.

1. Housing Aid

Not all senior citizens have sufficient retirement funds to cover all their expenses. One major expense that worries them when they stop working is their monthly mortgage payments.

Those who have fewer savings should be entitled to government housing aid that is equivalent to their basic housing costs. It could be construed as a mortgage payment or rental in case the senior lives at home or a condo. It is a great privilege for seniors who are discharged from nursing homes in areas like Worcester County, MA to live in their own property or with their families.

2. Free Public Transportation

Local municipalities are enjoined to craft policies on allowing all senior citizens to use the public transportation system within their locality for free on an unlimited basis. Places where the transport system is not fully used can allow such entitlement, while those places with fully used systems can provide subsidies for seniors to compensate for the extra costs.

3. Free Medical Services

Senior citizen having a check upIn almost all countries around the world, senior citizens are entitled to free medical services. But for the American senior citizens, this is a fundamental right. The nation is known for top-of-the-line health care system and medical services. This entitlement also reinforces the fact that the U.S. is a socially conscious nation that cares about its aging people.

4. Waiving of Student Loans

With the same principles of housing aids or subsidies, seniors with inadequate retirement savings should also be forgiven gracefully of their outstanding student loans. Seniors have paid their monthly dues for their student loans for many years and by the time they retire, they should have paid it in full.

However, those who are not financially stable may have left out some loans, such as their student loans. This is why the whole amount should be considered fully paid when they hit their golden age.

5. Tax-Free Social Security

Pension pay and social security taxes for senior citizens should be granted in full and without any dues. This is the only income that most U.S. retirees depend on, so any deduction will be highly unjust and unfair. If a senior still has to pay loans, they may not be able to enjoy their retirement with a very limited pension or social security.

The U.S. government is devising more plans to be able to provide all entitlements and privileges to the aging population. In some localities, there are already policies crafted honoring seniors with entitlements like discounts on basic groceries and needs. There are also specific parking spaces intended for the elderly, tax discounts for elderly home reconstruction and other privileges that seniors can enjoy.

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