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Top food no-no’s for your teeth

The teeth have a set of needs to keep them healthy. And they rarely like the foods and drinks that most people are tempted by. Like sugary ones. But how does sugar cause damage to the teeth and how can this be offset? We found out from a dentist Richmond. The outermost layer of the …

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Counting Calories: Why It’s Not Important in Losing Weight

Weight loss is a tough journey for a lot of people. Some look for shortcuts or quick ways to lose weight. So they choose to subscribe to popular fad diets, especially those that social media influencers often promote. Others take a more long-term route and focus on increasing their physical activity and make better food …

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Eating Disorders on the Rise: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Food During the Pandemic

The entire world is experiencing a historic yet traumatic moment because of COVID-19. For the first time, generations have to live in fear that they will catch a highly contagious virus and become seriously ill. COVID-19 took merely a few months since its discovery to spread in every nation around the globe. No one is …

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The Mediterranean Diet: Improving Bodily and Brain Functions

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Mediterranean? Is it the gorgeous sunny sceneries? The Greco-Italic culture? Or the lovely and delicious food? Well, there’s definitely much that the Mediterranean has to offer, but they are definitely known for their lovely cuisine. Not only is Mediterranean food known …

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Foods That Can Give You More Energy

Many individuals may feel exhausted at some point in the day, and lack of energy can affect your daily activities, making you less productive. Food plays an essential role in determining your energy levels; all you need to do is choose the right ones, add them to your diet, and keep eating them in reasonable …

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The Good Stuff: 5 Vitamins and Nutrients Older Adults Need to Keep Healthy

As you get older, your body requires more and more help getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. However, complications because of dietary restrictions and availability often mean that older adults don’t consume as much of these vitamins as they need. This can lead to noticeable declines in their well-being and health. …

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Your Nutrition and Your Oral Health: Bridging the Gap

You know that eating the right food can make you healthier, but sometimes eating the right food to keep your dental health in check is more difficult. In an age where there is a constant flood of processed food filled with preservatives, sugar, salt, and starch, creating a diet that helps maintain your overall health …

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I Think My Friend Has An Eating Disorder, What Now?

Eating disorders are quite common, unfortunately. They also have the highest mortality rate among any mental illnesses. Which is why it’s crucial for you to help out a friend or family member that you know or suspect to have an eating disorder. So here are simple steps and tips when approaching and helping out a …

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