Eat Your Way to a Healthy Spine: Seven Superfoods for a Healthy Back

When we say that our back is killing us, is that an exaggeration or does it really feel like you’re going to collapse from the pain in your back? Exhaustion from work that causes back pain is not a badge of honor you should wear. You should be ashamed for not taking care of yourself more. No one is going to care more about your health than you. It is important that you eat the right food, exercise the right way, and get yourself checked by your doctor regularly. It’s the only way to remain healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, unlike losing weight, people aren’t as aware of what food they should eat and shouldn’t eat when it comes to their spine’s health. They could, in fact, be eating food that will weaken their bones rather than strengthen them. Or they could be lacking in calcium, and they don’t even know that a glass of milk can solve that problem for them.

Food to Avoid

Normally, it is only when you have to go to a back pain treatment clinic that you will realize how you’re neglecting your spinal health. You will be surprised to know that most of what you eat is actually bad for your backbone’s health. Some of these are high-salt food, alcohol, beans/legumes, wheat bran, and caffeine. Even too much vitamin A can have an adverse effect on bone health.

So what should you eat? Make sure to focus on food that is rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin K, and zinc. It’s not easy to incorporate these into your diet, but you have to try to eat portions of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat from breakfast to dinner.

Plant-based Proteins

Proteins found in meat are different from the proteins you can get from certain plants such as lentils, chia seeds, and beans. Vegans are actually packed in protein more than their meat-eating counterparts. The reason for this is that animal-based proteins can lead to inflammation. There are health risks to eating red and white meats. But if you still like to eat animal-based proteins, go for lean meats like chicken and fish.


Any kind of vegetables is good for your spinal health, especially those with strong natural pigments. Kale, broccoli, and spinach work against inflammation. They also pack nutrients that will help strengthen your spine. Make sure to get a lot of them each day. You can start by making vegetable quiches or simply incorporating spinach into your egg toast.



Not everyone loves salmon. Though it is flavorful, it also has that certain smell and aroma that some people do not like. However, salmon is a great source of lean protein, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. As you know, omega-3 fatty acids promote bone and tissue health just like green and leafy vegetables. There are plenty of salmon dishes you can try. You can mix it with pasta or bake it with cream and cheese. The options are endless.


If you are not averse to getting more dairy, eat cheese, milk, and yogurt. It is the easiest and most successful way to get more calcium into your bone. Of course, you have to be careful how you eat more cheese. Getting more cheese through fatty food like pizza and pasta should be done in moderation. As much as possible, eat dairy without cholesterol-heavy food. You can get calcium from other sources, too, such as those green and leafy vegetables.

Herbs and Spices

Ancient civilizations have been using herbs and spices for centuries to address health issues, including back pain and inflammation. Turmeric, a spice mostly used in Indian cuisine, is great for fixing damaged tissues. Cinnamon, ginger, basil, and rosemary can fight inflammation and boost the immune system. The great thing about herbs and spices is that you can incorporate them into your meals or you can make a herbal tea with cinnamon and ginger as the base.


Go for high-pigmented fruits just like with vegetables. These are the ones that are great for your spinal health. Berries, in particular, are good for your backbone because they are full of antioxidants and nutrients. However, as with dairy, don’t overdo eating fruits because these convert to sugar once in your body. Try to eat at least a cup of fruits two to three times a day. You can incorporate berries in your meals. You can even turn them into desserts.


Fan or not, avocados are great for your spinal health. They are full of fiber, healthy fats, and potassium. Not to mention, they are great for your overall health. Again, don’t overdo eating avocados. Since these are fatty food, too much can be a detriment to your health. There are a lot of ways to mix avocados in your daily meals. You can eat them as is or turn them into a guacamole dip.

Over the years, there have been a lot of developments in the field of spinal health. This also paved the way for more research about what food to eat to maintain a healthy backbone. These and more should help ensure that you can enjoy the outdoor adventures and activities without worrying about your spinal health.

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