Jumpstart your fitness journey with these expert-recommended tips.

people in fitness studio

What the Millennial Generation Wants in Their Fitness Studio

Just as millennials redefined the real estate industry and labor, they are also redefining health and wellness. Among other generations, millennials are notably the most health-conscious of all. Aside from caring about their carbon footprint, this generation abides by a holistic approach to wellness. While

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Lifestyle Modifications That Can Boost Your Resilience to Depression

More people these days are seeking help for the pros and are now being treated for their depression. Some need to take medications like anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, and antipsychotics. Others are exploring alternative medicine therapy such as IV infusion therapy, wherein ketamine is administered for fast

woman meditating in the mountains

Yes, There Is a Kind of Yoga for Everybody

When we hear the word yoga, we think so many negative things about it that we lose sight of the benefits it gives its practitioners. Is yoga only for people with good flexibility? Is it just for the thin, beautiful, and young? Yoga means many

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Affordable Home Decor Tips and Ideas for Newlyweds

Ah, 2020. It has brought an onslaught of economic, healthcare, and climate challenges for the entire world. With everything that’s going on, it seems like the worst time to tie the knot. But there’s no turning back for couples who finally decided to put a

The Good Stuff: 5 Vitamins and Nutrients Older Adults Need to Keep Healthy

As you get older, your body requires more and more help getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. However, complications because of dietary restrictions and availability often mean that older adults don’t consume as much of these vitamins as they need. This

Meet our fitness enthusiasts who’ll be your new #fitspiration.

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a former yoga instructor and an advocate of healthy eating. Having practiced yoga for years, she’s dedicated to sharing its benefits to beginners through Gear & Training. A firm believer of holistic health, she shares self-made, healthy recipes based on the recommended daily nutritional intake.

Craig Marby

Craig Marby

Craig grew up playing all sorts of sports. His passion, however, lies in dance and its many benefits. He ventured into hip hop and jazz dancing about a decade ago. He helps people get fit through sports, cardio training, and dancing. On top of that, he reviews apparel. What better way to evaluate activewear than be informed by an exercise expert?

Bridgette Rodriguez

Bridgette Rodriguez

When it comes to weightlifting and extreme sports, Bridgette is the go-to expert around here. She has been a weightlifter for a decade and a lifelong enthusiast of rock climbing, and crossfit. Bridgette likes to push people’s fitness limits — she introduces people to her passions and helps them achieve even higher goals.

Steve Garcia

Steve Garcia

Steve is an inspiration to people who want to transform their lives. From his childhood, he led a nun healthy lifestyle. He decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf and start living a healthier lifestyle. Now, he’s the editor-in-chief of Gear & Training, leading a mindful lifestyle, sustaining no vices, and helping countless others take the same healthy path he did.

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