What the Millennial Generation Wants in Their Fitness Studio

Just as millennials redefined the real estate industry and labor, they are also redefining health and wellness. Among other generations, millennials are notably the most health-conscious of all. Aside from caring about their carbon footprint, this generation abides by a holistic approach to wellness. While the general population exercise because they know staying physically active is right for them, millennials exercise with a purpose.

Amid surmounting student loans and credit card debts, millennials spend over 6 billion a year in gym memberships. More than the fear of having their headstones engraved early, this generation’s obsession with staying fit and healthy had something to do with the record level anxiety and high depression rates. To combat these mental health issues, the majority of millennials turn to workout routines and exercises.

All these things considered, how can you capitalize on these millennial facts? Below are seven features millennials are looking for in their fitness studios.

Mobile Fitness Journey

Millennials are always on the go. They demand a fitness experience that offers them seamless and flexible connectivity. It suits their lifestyle and allows them to workout wherever and whenever they want. Incorporate in their fitness journey digital solutions that enable them to join group workout sessions even when they are at home or traveling.

Intelligent Coaches

Millennials prefer substance over style. Accordingly, an intelligent coach is the most desired trait for a fitness instructor. Hire charismatic coaches who offer motivation if you want to attract and keep more millennials to your fitness studio.

Healthy Meal Plans

As previously said, millennials take on a holistic approach to wellness. Aside from providing trendy and unique workout routines, offer healthy meal plans to your millennial gym members. Over the past years, there has been an increasing rise of veganism, particularly among millennials. Include high protein, low-calorie, and sustainable foods on your meal plans.

Lifestyle Brand

Even the fashion industry is leaning towards fitness and activeness with the rise of athleisure. Your fitness studio may grab this opportunity to sell merchandise and accessories of your own. What your business offers is more than just activity, but also a lifestyle.

Sense of Community

The millennial generation values a communal environment. Going to the gym is more than just sweating off and shredding pounds. It is a place where millennials meet people and socialize with friends. Offer small group sessions like yoga and Zumba since this helps nurture this highly valued communal relationship.

Transparency Regarding Fees

fees concept

Millennials do not like to be tied down. Although they are into fitness, the majority of millennials think gym memberships are too expensive. They prefer fitness studios that list their prices upfront without any membership requirement. Studios with mobile apps that give them convenient access to signing up or canceling classes are highly desired.

Photogenic Club Space

Millennials also love chic and modernly decorated fitness studios. With the majority of different social media platforms, investing in a beautiful studio is worth it since millennials will indeed be promoting your business on them.

Apart from these features, millennials are also into sessions that not only highlight physical training but mental training as well.

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