Workout Injuries: How to Prevent Them

Injuries such as sprains and strains happen to the best of us. If an athlete with a personal trainer and cook can get sidelined because of a muscle sprain during practice or gym session, then us ordinary folks can fall to the pattern, too. There’s nothing more frustrating for people trying to lose weight by working out than getting sidelined by an injury. Do not let this little incident stop you from reaching your goals. Manage the injury. Wait for it to heal. Get your doctor to approve your workout routine again.

However, for it not to happen again, you have to take precautionary measures to protect your bones and muscles. Remember that if you’re above 55 years old, you need clearance from your doctor to do lifting and cardio workouts. As people grow older, they become less agile than they once were, no matter how fit they think. People lose bone and muscle mass as they age.

Common Workout Injuries

The most common injuries are muscle sprains and strains. These are usually caused by not warming up before exercising. The workout routine can cause too much pressure the muscles, bones, and tissues that connect them. It’s the same thing that happens to athletes when they overexert their bodies.

Shoulder injuries and tendinitis are also common workout injuries. These happen because of overuse. How frequently are you doing your routines? Are you even mixing them up a bit, or are you doing the same repetitive movements every time?

People don’t know that workouts can also damage their teeth and that they need an emergency dentist. If you are clenching your teeth when carrying weights, this will cause your gums, jaw, and teeth to feel sore. The pressure of the weights will affect your dental health. You might need to use a mouthguard when working out. Similarly, a tooth infection can act up when you are working out because exercise increases blood flow and worsens the inflammation.

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Preventing Workout Injuries

The first thing you need to do is check with your doctor if you’re fit to go to the gym. Even when you think you have strong bones and muscles, you lose nothing by going to your doctor. Your trainer can also advise you about the right workout routine to follow. Don’t take on more weights or harder routines without consulting with your trainer first.

Bad posture leads to these injuries. You need to learn the proper body form and posture to lift weights. Listen to your trainer. Spread your legs when lifting to balance the weight. Make sure your shoulders are angled right, too, because weights can cause strain your shoulder muscles.

Finally, most people don’t realize that the simple act of warming up before the routine and cooling down after will prepare the muscles. The warm-up routine readies your body, while the cool-down routine brings your heart rate back to normal. Warm-ups include riding an exercise bike, jogging in place for 10 minutes, and jumping rope. Stretching before exercising will also help prepare the muscles and increase flexibility.

Workouts are great if you want to lose weight, maintain your fitness, and improve your overall health. However, if you don’t know how to do them properly, you can be doing more harm than good. Talk with your doctor about working out. Even people who think they are healthy may be shocked to know they cannot do certain routines in the gym. It’s best to be guided by a medical professional when you want to achieve your fitness goals lest you get sidelined by injuries.

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