Affordable Home Decor Tips and Ideas for Newlyweds

Ah, 2020. It has brought an onslaught of economic, healthcare, and climate challenges for the entire world. With everything that’s going on, it seems like the worst time to tie the knot.

But there’s no turning back for couples who finally decided to put a ring on it. Many plans changed, and it probably took a lot of detours, and those who finally made it to the altar will have to continue to make do with the current situation.

Perhaps you didn’t expect spending the first year of your marriage stuck at home or having to deal with a recession, but there’s no reason the pandemic has to ruin your wedded bliss. Now is the best time to turn your new home into an IG-worthy love nest.

Here are a few simple ways to decorate your home, even when you’re on a shoestring budget.

Get rid of unsightly clutter.

Perhaps the simplest way you can beautify your home is by removing unsightly clutter. Before you consider adding new items into your home, consider what you first need to throw out or give away.

If you and your spouse recently just moved in together, then you most likely already did some spring cleaning. But if you haven’t, spend an entire day getting rid of things you and your spouse won’t need moving forward. Old, damaged, and faulty items that are no longer salvageable can only make your home look worse than it is.

Go the DIY route.

Any kind of redecorating or remodeling task will be considerably less expensive when you do it yourself instead of hiring a pro. If you must paint, install new flooring, or assemble new furniture, consider doing it yourself.

It will be much cheaper and can be a great way for you and your spouse to bond. There’s nothing like a common enemy—like new furniture with assembly instructions written in a foreign language—to bring you two closer together. At the same time, finishing a project can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Paint, paint, paint.

Research on color schemes that fit your fancy and suit the kind of mood you want for your home and consider repainting the interiors. If you or your spouse are artists, paint an accent wall. Choose a different color for your kitchen cabinets—it’s an easy and simple way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Consider changing the cabinets’ knobs as well.

Get some plants.

house with indoor plants

There are a lot of benefits to taking care of houseplants. Not only do they add a pop of green to a predominantly white room, but they are also an affordable yet effective way of improving your home’s indoor air quality.

You don’t need to buy from expensive sources to get plants. Like pet adoption, you can also look for ways to rescue some plants in your neighborhood, like a house that will be torn down soon. Flea markets, yard sales, and garden tours are also great sources for inexpensive houseplants.

Cutting them yourself can also be cost-effective, granted a little more laborious.

Choose smaller design elements.

A huge artwork by a popular artist may be off the table for now, but you can still choose some smaller design elements that can enhance the look of your space. Add texture to your home by investing in some cute decorative pillows or handcrafted room accessories.

Thrift shopping can also be a great way to find pre-loved pieces of furniture or decor that may cost you a fortune if you buy them in IKEA or a department store.

Use decorative elements from your wedding.

If you were able to bring home some decorative elements from your wedding, consider re-purposing them. Some ways you can preserve your wedding flowers include:

  • Hanging them upside down to dry
  • Pressing
  • Using silica gel
  • Dipping the flowers in wax

You can frame the pressed flowers and hang them on a wall beside your wedding pictures. The dried flowers, on the other hand, can be used as centerpieces. You can also turn the glass bottles and jars into vases. The fairy lights and candles can also give your home a dreamy look and feel.

Creating Your Dream Home Need Not Break the Bank

Transitioning from singlehood to married life is already hard enough financially, but even more so in a recession. Take a deep breath, look around your home, and let your imagination go wild. There are ways to turn it into the dream home you’ve always wanted, even on a limited budget. Turn your home into a project for you and your spouse and allow it to bring you closer.

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