Barefaced and Beautiful: Going Out Confidently Without Makeup

Ten years ago, a study said that one out of three women would not leave their houses without full makeup on. And when they say going out, that includes the quick trips to shop for groceries. Then, almost half the number of all women said that they favor wearing makeup over going barefaced.

Makeup had been a refuge for many, especially those who have dealt with different types of skin issues like acne, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and more. But again, that was a decade ago.

The Booming Skincare Industry

In recent years, there had been a great shift in both men’s and women’s perspectives towards skincare. Skincare brands sprouting like mushrooms from all parts of the world. Innovative skincare ingredients and tools are being discovered, and beauty devices are being introduced to the skincare market so often. This is how fast the skincare industry is growing.

Many skincare brands have been around for more than a decade now, but why are people suddenly obsessed with them. All of a sudden, everybody wants to talk about their skincare routine, their eye creams, and holy grails they can not live without on social media. It’s suddenly so cool. Is skincare the new makeup?

What Is the Cause of this Sudden Change?

Both men and women are starting to realize that makeup does not solve skin issues by hiding it with 5 layers of foundation. Many have already turned away from makeup in favor of skin-care products. Modern beauty consumers becoming smarter with their beauty product choices now more than ever. The culprit? Social media.

More and more celebrities are embracing their no-makeup look, and this is a huge contribution to how people perceive skincare now. Before, celebrities can not be seen in public without makeup, even more so getting photographed by paparazzi. Now, they are even joining #wokeuplikethis and #nomakeup hashtag challenges on social media. They are so confident with their skin that they post their makeup-free selfies from the gym. Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Cara Delevingne are just a few of the many celebrities who have embraced being makeup-free in public.

Yes, those celebrities might be in and out of their aesthetician’s clinics for a fancy botox injection or that Vampire and 24-karat Gold facial treatments, but maintaining radiant, youthful skin does not end there. Once they’re out of the clinic, these celebrities are on their own, and that’s what their skincare routine is for.

How to Go Barefaced and Beautiful?

Going barefaced need not be shattering. Looking beautiful is still attainable without wearing makeup. Aim for skin that boosts confidence enough to shine makeup-free.

Here is how to can start the journey towards barefaced and beautiful:

1. Enough sleep

sleeping woman

Give the body enough time to repair the skin and rebuild its collagen.

2. Drink lots of water

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Period.

3. Eat Healthily

Healthy skin will always start from the inside so eat veggies.

4. Find skincare products formulated for a specific skin type.

Tons of skincare products are out in the market today. There should not be an excuse not to find the ones suited for a specific skin type.

Basic Skincare Routine


With thousands of products available at the free market, it can be easy to get lost in the skincare world. It can be overwhelming, especially to those who are just starting. Here is a basic skincare routine:

For morning routine:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

For night routine:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner/serum
  • Moisturizer

Again, this is a basic routine. More products can be incorporated into the routine depending on the demand of the skin.

When shopping for skincare products, keep in mind that they do not have to be a lot and expensive. Every skin is different, so a lengthy skincare routine can make one’s skin healthy and glowing but can give the opposite effect to another.

Finding the right products that are suitable for a specific skin type is vital. Make a habit of patch-testing new products before using them on the whole face. The best option is to always consult with a skin professional to prevent skin damage.

Gone are the days when women can not go out of the house barefaced. They used to put on makeup for all the wrong reasons. They can now wear them because they want to be creative and expressive, not because they need to hide something. Thanks to those individuals who broke the mold of always wearing makeup and made the rest embrace their real skin. Using makeup doesn’t have to be a defensive move anymore.

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