Breast Augmentation 101: What Your Surgeon Needs You to Know

Breast sagging from weight loss, pregnancy, or imbalanced breast to hip ratio can make a woman very uncomfortable. That is especially so for women who are very conscious of how they look or those in the public limelight. It is on these premises that having breast lifts and augmentation is a necessity rather than a choice. Statistics already show implants-based enhancements to be the most popular of cosmetic surgeries.

Types of Breast Implants

You can choose from the two basic types of breast implants available depending on your preference or intention. Age can also determine the choice that you would have to make. These types are:

Saline – The implants are kinds of shells usually filled with a saline material. Any adult beyond the age of 18 can enjoy the saline breast implants. The only exception is if you have a medical condition that does not allow you to have the surgery.

silicone for breast augmentation

Silicon – The silicone implants contain a type of gel in place of saline. These are best if you are looking to have a natural look and feel. It is the most preferred choice for thin women. This type of implant is however not advisable for anyone under 22 to take.

Other Requirements

Other general requirements for those undergoing breast enhancement surgery include the following. You must not be expecting a child or lactating, and you must be generally healthy, and your weight should not be unstable. Also, you should be off smoking for some time before the surgery. It is advisable that set achievable expectations so that your doctor defines possible outcomes from that. Your plastic surgeon in Utah will then recommend operating under either general or partial anesthesia. The surgeon should explain to you how each of them will affect you. S/He will, as well, as guide you through any issues that might affect your results. Possible side effects may include pain, scarring, and infection. In some cases, there are high chances for the implants to leak and you not to get your expected results.

Preparing for the Breast Surgery

When you are sure of what to expect, your surgeon will require you to adhere to the several requirements. Some of these include: Keeping off smoking for some days before the breast surgery and dressing warmly but comfortably. You also should avoid taking alcoholic drinks or food for a day before the operation. It is advisable, too, that you have someone by your side to take you home after the surgery.

The Recovery Time Varies

woman with a wrapped breast

After a successful surgery, the recovery time will vary depending on various factors. Generally, it takes between a month or two for total recovery to take place, though one might feel mostly fine even after a week of surgery. It is, however, essential to keep off strenuous activities until full recovery.

Conclusion: Want a Successful Surgery? Choose Your Surgeon Right

There is no standard cost set out for this procedure, but there is not an amount too big when it comes to feeling good about yourself. Your choice of a plastic surgeon in Utah will determine how much you will pay, how well will be the procedure. Making an informed choice will most likely guarantee you your expected results.

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