Crucial Kickboxing Equipment: 3 Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard

Kickboxing has become a popular sport and fitness activity for a lot of health enthusiasts. Part of participating in this means having the right gear to keep you protected from any harm. One of these gears is the kickboxing mouthguard.

It is not only kickboxing that needs this kind of protective wear, but all contact sports like Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, boxing, football and the like. Mouthguards were designed specifically for these activities, and it would be wise to wear them. Take it from the pros.

Experts also have confirmed that this small but useful gear should be in your bag, and here are the reasons why.

Mandatory requirement for sports

Even informal kickboxing, like other contact sports such as muay thai and boxing, requires proper gear for one to practice and spar. Oss Therapy stated that one of the gears needed in kickboxing is the mouthguard, and it’s mandatory to have it in one’s arsenal.

Just as one cannot properly spar without gloves and headgear or how the rules in the ring should be observed at all times, having a mouthguard is reassurance for trainers that their students will have an extra layer of protection even with light sparring.

And this is mandatory for a reason. Contact sports are just what they are: they involve extreme contact. When you are in danger of a concussion or a mouth injury, authorities usually prescribe protective gear like headgears and mouthguards. Without these, we could see athletes frequenting the hospital.

Protects from oral injuries

Control is necessary in any contact sport. Part of the practice is knowing how to control the self while polishing the techniques. But there are times when things can get out of hand. Thus, organizations like the ADA and the International Academy for Sports Dentistry recommend using mouthguards for most contact sports, Omics Online reported.

The kickboxing mouthguard is there to protect the teeth, thus lessening the degree of dental trauma that one could receive in the event of loss of control. Not only dental trauma, but you can also avoid other injuries to the mouth that can result from the force of the activities.

kickboxers sparringAbsorbs shock for limit neck and jaw injuries

What’s amazing but also terrifying about kickboxing is that it involves both punching and kicking. Beginners may feel a little intimidated participating because of possible injuries they can sustain. The good thing about a kickboxing mouthguard is that it can absorb the shock, especially from a powerful kick.

According to Muay Thai Pros, this may lessen the impact between the colliding lower and upper jaws, which can be very painful, resulting in either a temporary or even permanent injury.

Playing it safe in contact sports is a necessity, especially for beginners. And one should not compromise health and safety for the love of the sport. People should be careful when engaging in contact sports. Whether it’s avoiding fractures and injuries or adhering to the rules, it’s best to get your own mouthguard as you get deeper into the practice of kickboxing.

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