Essential Supplies for Starting a Life with Braces

Having crooked teeth can be a cosmetic nightmare. The good news is that you have experts in the field of orthodontics in Taylorsville. They can help straighten out your pearly whites by getting you braces. These will realign them back into an even line, which should make you smile with confidence again. It is not an easy process to go through.

A mold of your mouth needs to be created first, which requires you to bite on to a blob of plaster for about five minutes or so. If you are one who easily gags, prepare yourself for this because you will probably struggle for a bit. When you finally get your braces attached, you will have to wear those for a year or two.

Life with braces is a struggle. Problems include the wires scraping against your inner cheeks and lips, difficulty speaking, and the pain associated with the constant force being applied to your teeth. But do not worry. Just arm yourself with these items, and you should be able to get out of it beaming with a smile.

Water Flosser

You still need to perform proper cleaning and maintenance of your oral cavity. There are toothbrushes that have special bristles and are suitable for use with braces. If you are into flossing, though, this could be challenging or almost impossible to pull off. Getting into the crevices in between your teeth could be hindered by those metal brackets.

You can use a water flosser to get into those tight spaces. This uses pressurized water to scrape plaque and dirt on the surface of your teeth and gums. It can also easily clean through your braces.

Lip Balm

lip balm

For the first few days of having your braces, your mouth will feel awkward. You will suddenly be conscious about closing your lips, and you will have the tendency to keep them away from the fear of being caught in those metal wires. This will make you keep your mouth slightly open, and this, in turn, could get dried out as it is exposed to the air. To prevent your lips from cracking, apply some lip balm. This will help keep them moist and prevent them from shedding too much, which can be painful for some.


When you have a mouth that is slightly agape, not only does it make you feel awkward, but it also makes you drool for a bit. You are constantly producing saliva, and the lips are supposed to prevent that from flowing out of your mouth. So to save you from embarrassment, you’d better keep a pack of tissues with you at all times.


Braces are not there for aesthetic reasons. Aligning your teeth needs a constant force, and this is something that you will feel constantly. It can cause you to have discomfort and pain that can even stretch up to your head. So if you need to manage it, keep some pain relievers nearby. An analgesic such as acetaminophen should work well.

Dealing with braces is tough, but you should get used to it. Make the journey less stressful by arming yourself with these essential items. After all, when this all ends you will have the brightest smile of all.

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