Persistent Pain: When Is It Time to Get a Check-Up?

Our body finds ways to let us know that it is fighting underlying problems. If you’re feeling persistent pain that lasts a while or reoccurs a lot, it’s best to get a physician’s opinion. Even though the body is meant to heal itself, certain complications can arise from specific things left unchecked.

Here are some things to watch out for to know if you need to seek out a medical professional’s aid.

Chronic back pain

Back pain can cover a plethora of issues, from muscle spasms to internal injuries that need to be treated. It’s also important to figure out whether the source of this pain is from exertion, an event that caused misalignment, or a problem internally with one of your organs.

For instance, individuals who have suffered even a relatively minor car accident often need chiropractor intervention. In Lehi, chiropractors have been noted to watch out for collision after-effects on the spine and neck. Usually, if there are no major injuries, people just walk it off, trying to ignore any lasting pain that crops up afterward and masking it with painkillers.

However, this kind of pain can stem from whiplash or displaced discs that can significantly affect the quality of life. It’s because of situations like these that it’s essential to give the right attention to these signals.

Tingling sensations in hands or feet

While this symptom can be chalked up to several reasons and possible issues, one of the most common causes of this is diabetes. Over 30 million Americans suffer from the disease, and over 25% of those who have it don’t even know they do.

Tingling sensations in the extremities are one of the symptoms that crop up from diabetes because of glucose levels. When it’s accompanied by sharp, burning, or aching pain, it can spell a deeper case that may have been left untreated or undiagnosed. Not only can this cause a lot of other problems, but it also marks some nerve damage in the body. So it’s important to get checked and receive the proper medication when possible.


Man in office uniform having a stomachache

Indigestion can happen to the best of us. Because there are several natural and over-the-counter solutions, it’s not considered too much of a big deal in terms of life and health. However, chronic indigestion can be a red flag for your gut health and digestive system. Because this can cause lasting problems and is generally a bothersome feeling to have to deal with constantly, you should consider seeing a doctor and figure out the root of the problem.

It can be your lifestyle or other factors, but it can also be manifestations of ulcers, gastritis, and other illnesses. If you suffer from this type of stomach pain often, it’s best not to wait in case there’s a bigger problem. Even if it’s functional dyspepsia, you can at least figure out better ways to manage it.

As the saying goes, health is wealth. So make sure you invest the time and effort into keeping yourself happy and healthy. Don’t let yourself suffer through chronic pain that has a solution.

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