3 Chiropractic Care for Road Accident Patients

Chiropractors manipulate the spine — in addition to other treatments that align the body’s musculoskeletal structure — and help the body heal. They help restore mobility in the joints and tissues that were damaged by a traumatic event or repetitive stress. Primarily, chiropractic care is all about providing an alternative to pain relief in tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joints. It is often used alongside conventional medical treatments.

You might need a car accident chiropractor in Orem, for example, if you were injured after one. These practitioners will treat many conditions that would otherwise demand invasive treatments or medication. Common injuries you might incur that need chiropractic care includes:

Neck injuries

This is common for people who have been involved in a traffic accident. Whiplash is common if the collisions were head-on, or from the rear. As long as the neck has been whipped forward and backwards violently, soft tissues can be damaged.

When muscles and ligaments extend to levels beyond ordinary, they develop small tears. Sometimes, the victim does not recognize whiplash until they experience symptoms like dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain or a reduced motion range.

If left untreated, whiplash can cause pain and lower motion range for years after the accident. Treated poorly, the neck could heal, but scarring may develop. Chiropractic treatment can help restore mobility, relieve pain, and improve healing with the spine. Patients are likely to receive rehabilitative exercises (that they need to do daily or weekly), electric stimulation of muscles, and spinal adjustments.

Back injuries

It is not uncommon to develop a lower back injury if you are involved in a car accident. Victims often have fractured bones, broken vertebrae, herniated discs, or sprained backs. They are likely to experience severe pain after the trauma, which can cause irritation, tension, and limited mobility. The chiropractor will apply pressure on a herniated disk to ease the numbness. They may also recommend pelvic blocking, manual therapy, and flexion distraction.

Back pain can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. If you notice difficulty in walking or paralysis on any part of the body, see a doctor. Back injuries may also manifest as a lack of coordination or muscle weakness.

Pinched nerves

CHiropractor checking woman's back while inside the clinic

A pinched nerve will commonly be spinal, but such nerves can happen anywhere else in the body. A nerve is pinched if it has experienced a lot of pressure to become painful, tingly, or numb. Such nerves accompany whiplash and herniated discs.

A chiropractor will often make spinal adjustments to treat pinched nerves. That way, the nerves relax and return to their original position. Symptoms of such nerves include tingling sensations, muscle weakness, and sharp pains. Sometimes, the injured area may also become numb.

Chiropractic care will treat other conditions like sciatica, tendonitis, and subluxation. The chiropractor will typically carry out tests to make a diagnosis before starting therapy. If you have been involved in a car accident, even if no injury is apparent, it is recommended to see a chiropractor to do a full body examination.

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