Safe and Effective Exercises for Seniors

For seniors, maintaining their health is their number one priority. This is why they and their families invest so much in their health. They make sure that they are the most capable doctor in the area on speed dial. They acquire the best home nursing care services that they can have if they are living alone at home. While they invest in such healthcare services, they should also look into more ways to ensure their health safety. And exercising is one of them.

Many might believe that because seniors no longer have the same energy, strength, and endurance that they had in their younger years, it’s no longer safe for them to maintain an active lifestyle. But that’s not necessarily true for all seniors. Instead, what they can do is find the best exercise that would be compatible with their bodies’ needs. These are five forms of exercise that they can try.

Water Aerobics

Because seniors no longer participate in many physical activities, many of them don’t even swim anymore. But that can be changed with water aerobics. This form of exercise is popular among people of all ages. But it can be extremely beneficial for seniors. Because of the water’s natural resistance, they won’t have to worry about putting too much stress on their muscles and bones, and even falling down.

With water aerobics, they can do some leg lifts, aqua jogging, and other similar exercises. Such exercises can help them develop and maintain strength, balance, and flexibility.

Tai Chi

Among the many exercises for seniors, tai chi is arguably the most popular. It’s an exercise that originated from China and has prevailed in many other countries across generations. It’s slow and meditative, unlike other forms of exercise that bank on speed. With this, seniors can do exercises such as “energy to the sky.” This one involves standing straight and stretching their arms outward and upward as much as they can. Thus, they are also stretching their legs and backs. Another move that they can do is called “drawing the bow.” This one involves mimicking the act of drawing a bow while bending their legs a bit.

Tai chi is great for increasing stability, flexibility, and strength. But the meditative nature of it can be great for seniors’ cognitive development. It can also be a great way to boost their mood and maintain a positive nature.

woman walking


For many individuals, going on a run is their go-to daily exercise. It doesn’t involve much equipment. They can enjoy much fresh air and scenery while they do so. And they can also do it with a companion. But this form of exercise can be physically taxing because it takes much endurance.

Many seniors can’t exactly go on jogs anymore. But they can still enjoy some of the perks of the activity by switching to going on walks instead. They will still be able to enjoy some scenery and fresh air. They can also make it a social activity with their friends and families. And, most of all, they will still be able to exercise their legs and build their strength without straining them too much—which might happen if they take up jogging.

Modified Yoga

Yoga, much like tai chi, is a great workout both for the body and the mind. But it can be very physically taxing. Especially so if people practice complicated yoga moves. This means that it can be a dangerous form of exercise for seniors. But with just a few tweaks, yoga can be a safe way for them to exercise.

Chair yoga is one example. By staying seated in chairs, seniors will be able to still exercise even if they’re not flexible. They will be able to stretch their muscles, improve circulation, and boost their mood. They will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come with yoga without challenging their bodies too much.

Mindfulness Meditation

For many people, mindfulness meditation is not really a workout. But some would say that it’s a very important one—only, this time, they are exercising their minds. This form of exercise can be very beneficial for seniors. Yes, it’s important for them to maintain their physical health. But they should always remember to care for their mental and emotional health as well. And they can do that well with daily mindfulness meditations.

Just because seniors are going through many health issues, it doesn’t mean that they can’t exercise anymore. In fact, this is precisely why it’s crucial for them to improve their active lifestyle again. By doing so, they are ensuring that the positive impact that comes from the medical treatment and other healthcare services that they’re acquiring will be maintained.

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