Extreme Winter Sports Worth Trying

Different people have different activities they like to do during the winter. Some want to stay home, snuggle up in a warm blanket, and read books. Some like winter more than others – going out, enjoying the snow and undertaking some extreme activities.

Winter comes for only a short period throughout the year. We should make the most out of the season however we want to! If you’re looking for a little thrill this winter, then try out these extreme winter sports!

Ice Diving

Ice diving is a winter sport that is the real definition of “extreme.” Why? Because it requires a special certification before you can actually try it out. If you want to experience it, there are many courses you should take before you can ice dive.

That should equip you with the knowledge and training you need for this extreme activity. In ice diving, there is only a single entry and exit point. But the view underwater is amazing. It’s quite a dangerous and thrilling activity. So make sure to take the training courses seriously!


If ice diving sounds a little too extreme for you, then let’s take it down a notch. Skiing is a very common winter activity. There’s really no need for expert training for it, which means that you and the rest of your family can try it out.

All you need are the right equipment like ski boots, helmet, Arcteryx ski gear and pants, goggles, etc. and you’re set to glide through the beautiful white snow!

Ice climbing

If you’re a big fan of rock climbing, then this extreme sport might be for you. You probably already know the rock climbing basics. It’s pretty much the same thing except you’re climbing ice holding axes in your hands.

Have fun making your way up a huge ice wall and see the amazing view waiting for you at the peak.

Ski Biking

Biking during the winter is a tough thing to do, with the snow clogging your wheels and all. But you can still bike during the winter through ski biking. The wheels of the regular bike are replaced with skis, so you can glide through the snow and feel the cold breeze of the air.

Ice Yachting

People have a nifty way of taking summer activities and creating a hybrid for it to be doable during the winter season. One of these hybrids is ice yachting. In this activity, you will be cruising through solidified bodies of water.

It sounds crazy, but it’s actually becoming a very popular activity. Now, there are many popular professional ice yachting races held during the winter.

Speed flying

snow boarding

Speed flying is one of the most thrilling and expensive winter sports. It’s similar to paragliding. In speed flying, you jump out of a helicopter and sail through the cool breeze of the wind. You’ll be wearing some skis so you can glide through the snow when you touch the ground.

It’s like skiing that’s put on a whole new level – definitely what we would call an extreme winter sport!

Winter doesn’t happen all year round. That means you have to make the most out of it! These activities will definitely give you the experience of a lifetime. Even if you’re not the adventurous kind, you should let the thrill-seeker in you roam free by trying these extreme winter sports!

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