Tips to create a great Facebook post for your dental surgery

So, you have finally taken the plunge and taken your dental surgery page to Facebook.

But what do you do now? If you have a private social media page, you will know how it works for chatting with friends; you post a photo or a video, and they reply or like the post, and that’s pretty much it. However, with marketing, it is a bit different, especially if you are looking to use social media as a platform to expand your dental surgery.

Luckily, if this is your first time exploring social media for dentists, there are some tips to help you make a great blog post for engaging with patients and potential patients, so read on to learn more.

Chatty tone to writing

Consider the two following sentences; which one would you be more likely to engage with?

‘Ever wondered what goes into dental implants? Click our blog to learn more about this popular procedure!’

‘Dental implants, or endosteal implants, are affixed to your jaw via surgery. Read more here.’

On social media, it has got to be the first one, right? It’s short, friendly, has a call to action and is interesting. The latter is not so good.

So, when it comes to writing a social media post for your dental surgery, try to keep the tone chatty and friendly, as those kinds of posts are more likely to get engagement from those on social media.


Clear images

It can be tempting to use stock images, but these are usually low resolution and can appear unprofessional on a social media page, especially if you are competing with other dental teams in the local area.

As is the way with your dental surgery page, you will want to only use personal and professional images on your dental surgery’s social media page.

Engaging content

Now, as highlighted earlier, content is important when it comes to social media, especially that first line.

If your content is boring, no one is going to engage with it. So, if you post blog pieces, make sure that they are engaging, to the point and fun to read. Or, if you want to incorporate vlogs on your social media page, this is an even better way to communicate with those on your social media page. Just ensure that each vlog is under three minutes long for maximum efficiency.

Link to surgery page

You will also want to link your social media page to your surgery page. This is just a good idea, so those who visit your social media page can click through and find out more about what it is that you and your team can offer.

Call to action

Remember earlier when the ideal caption was talked about? One of the features that made it so effective was the call to action; this prompts people to call or contact your team for more information about a procedure. So, when posting on social media, always be sure to have a call to action at the end of the post.

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