Content marketing with keyword research for good dental SEO

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is important for attracting website traffic and converting this into loyal patients at your dental practice. Dental SEO techniques are designed to boost your position in search engine results pages or SERPs so that prospective patients are able to find you quickly and easily when searching for their dental needs. To help you, you need to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who specialise in dental websites and dental SEO. They will help you implement techniques and strategies which increase your website traffic by directing quality prospective patients to you who are already interested in what you have to offer.

An important technique to help you achieve and maintain good dental SEO is keyword research. Keyword research helps you to find out what the patients in your area are interested in. Google has analytical tools which show which dental terms are searched for most commonly in your geographical vicinity. This could be dental issues such as bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth decay, gum disease or missing teeth. Common keywords could be specific dental treatments or procedures such as root canal treatment, invisible braces, white fillings or teeth whitening.

Prospective patients could be searching for specific fields of dentistry such as preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry or cosmetic dental treatments. Prospective patients could also be searching for a new dental practice and simply type ‘dentist’ or ‘dentist near me’. Popular keywords vary in each geographical location and can change from time to time. What may have been popular at the beginning of this year may change completely by the end of the year therefore it is important to carry out regular keyword research to make sure that you are in keeping with current trends.

Content marketing


Once you have obtained your keywords you need to use these strategically throughout your website to help google recognise that you have the answers that prospective patients in your area are looking for. It is important that you have high-quality content which focuses on these areas of interest to help educate patients further on what they are affected by or interested in.

The content needs to be presented in an interesting, engaging and encouraging manner so that once patients are directed to your website they should feel as if you have answered the questions that they had and they should be encouraged to pick up the phone and book an appointment to visit you in person. Your digital dental marketing team will have a group of specialist writers who can create individually tailored written content for your website. This will be done on a regular basis so that you always have new content to attract new patients or to encourage previous visitors to your website to come back and find out more. Speak to your digital dental marketing team today and find out more about how to use keyword research correctly for effective content marketing and help boost the success of your website. Over time, this will help boost the success of your dental practice too.

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