Weighing In: Which Workout Is Ideal for You

Beginning your fitness journey can get confusing when you do not know who or what to listen to. There are so many diets and workout programs to choose from, making it easy to be misled by the wrong information. The thing is, any workout can be effective so long as it is the right one for you. Allow yourself to get a feel of what you can handle as a beginner. Make sure not to strain yourself unnecessarily, or you will be injured no matter which program you settle on.

Putting on workout clothes and getting on your exercise mat is already half the battle. Just avoid wearing clothes that restrain your movement. Otherwise, it will end up tearing and can lead to an embarrassing moment wherever you workout. If you do not have anything to wear or if you would like to upgrade your wardrobe, checking out at an online clothing store for men should help. Remember to shop for your entire look and that you will get sweaty during the workout, so doubling up on shirts and pants can keep you from running out of clothes to exercise in.

Depending on your fitness goal, you will emphasize certain parts of the body more than others. It would help if you also kept this in mind when sorting out your workout attire and gear. A typical workout consists of warm-ups and cool-downs, with whatever you want to focus on in between.

Cardio, Abs, and Strength

a man with abs

The holy trinity of a normal routine will keep your heart rate up using cardio, strengthen your core by working on your abs and keep you tough through muscle work. Not everyone is a fan of all three; they usually prefer one over the other, but having them in your daily workout will balance your strength all over the body.

However, sometimes either due to medical conditions or preference, at least one of the aforementioned is avoided. Cardio can keep your heart rate on a high number, but it is something to be mindful of if you have a heart condition. You have to get cleared by your doctor before embarking on this fitness journey. On the other hand, burning fat through cardio can help improve cardiovascular disease caused by blockages in their blood vessels. This sort of exercise focuses on movement, such as running, swimming, rowing, and so on.

On the contrary, abs and muscle work emphasize particular parts of the body. This is also not for everyone since some people do not like appearing too muscular or fear straining a limb. But the truth is minimal strength training found sandwiched between the warm-ups and cardio workouts is only to improve your posture and evenly spread your weight around the body.

Yoga vs. High-impact Reps

Similar to cardio, yoga and high-impact training will keep your heart rate up. They are different in the idea that yoga focuses on your breathing while high-impact intensive training (HIIT) wants to keep your heart rate up. The win-win situation is also possible: you can pause between repetitions in HIIT to focus on your breathing, and yoga can be designed to increase your heart rate.

If you are unsure about purchasing a yoga mat or equipment for a HIIT workout, try either of them out first. Some videos or classes teach you routines without the need for extra items in your workout space. This can help you make a more informed decision before you shell out money for something you might not even use.

Conditioning Your Mind and Body

Since working out tones your body and increases its stamina, you must also condition your mind. By doing so, you can help yourself stay in this routine and push through any plateau. It is challenging to overcome habits. People often give up when the road to their goal seems too long for them to keep going.

There are two ways you can uplift your mind: self-talk and meditation. Self-talk is something that athletes are taught to do, especially when things get tough in a game. Whenever your spirits are low, the best person to help you out will be yourself. Meditation also works by allowing you to reflect on your progress and the possibilities of you achieving whatever you aim for.

Nobody’s road to fitness was ever short and easy. There are many bumps along the way, and it can be tempting to take shortcuts even if they cause harm. Stay on your path and listen to your body to figure out what really works for you.

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