Protective Sports Gear That Saves Athletes From Injuries

There’s nothing better than indulging in sports. They keep you fit and contribute to muscle building. The physical and mental activity required in sports is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Adventures and sports trigger chemical release that makes a person feel better. They make your heart work more and improve lung function. The only downside is injuries.

People sustain injuries quite often during matches and exercising. These can range from moderate to quite serious injuries. The most common ones are muscle ruptures and jaw breakage. This straightaway leads players to the emergency room and in some cases, surgery for the jaw.

It’s important to protect yourself from serious wounds. Even if someone wants to build a career in sports, they need to be fit to stay in the field longer. It’s well said that protection is better than cure.  There are tons of protective gear out there that protect you from mishappenings.

Different options in Protective Sports gear and accessories

There are different types of injuries. The most common ones are impact injuries and muscle injuries. Impact injuries can arise from tackling, falling, or getting hit by a ball. Muscle injuries constitute everything that causes harm to muscles.

These can take you out of the game for a considerable amount of time. Since the injuries are different, the ways you protect yourself are also different. Protective gears deflect the impact and force away from your shoulders, legs, or thighs. Below are some protective gears that you should invest in.

  • Shin Pads

Shin pads come in very handy in sports like football. They may be a little annoying but there are tons of options to choose from. There are Carbon Fiber Shin pads that are very light and protective. Another option is light gauge pads which you can customize according to the shape of your leg.

Traditional pads also come in a plastic form which is also convenient during the game. If you hate the feeling of a traditional pad, you can go for G foam pads. They are designed like a sleeve with foam on the front.


  • Ankle Guards with  Foam Tape

They sit on the lower part of your legs and protect your ankles from getting hit. They have an inbuilt foam to absorb the impact so it doesn’t cause any damage. Earlier, they were a part of shin pads but now they’re sold separately. You can choose the one that caters to your needs.

They protect your ankles from all the cuts and bruises that you may get from tackling. You can use foam tape for extra protection. It is an important accessory for extra support. Place the tape on parts of your ankle that are vulnerable to getting stepped on, like toes. They give you some extra confidence to get into the grind as they protect your ankles.

  • Compression shorts

Compression shorts prevent you from muscle fatigue and reduce muscle strain. As the name suggests, they reduce muscle compression when you get hit. They might also save you from sprains when you overly stretch those legs to save a goal.

  • Helmet

The helmet is good old equipment that protects you from head injuries. You can wear it while cycling, skateboarding, skiing, or snowboarding when protecting the head must be your prime concern.

Helmets can range from basic to heavy-duty depending on your sport. For cycling on the road, a basic helmet is a good choice but it will not protect you during mountain biking. There are specific full-face helmets with adaptors on top to put a light or go-pro on them.

Full face helmet covers your whole head along with your mouth. Therefore, if you were to crash, it can protect your jaw. There are Aero helmets which are more on the heavier side. They have ventilation openings and can protect you from serious impact

  • Knee Pads

Knee pads fall under two categories. Ones with a plastic cap and ones without it. You can wear the plastic cap knee pads over your pants. The purpose of the plastic is to slide over the concrete if you fall and reduce friction. They protect against bruises and bone breakage.

These knee pads are common amongst skaters and if you’re a beginner, choose plastic knee pads. They come in different shapes. Knee pads that have plastic in a pointy shape do not work very well. If your knee suffers an impact, they shift to left or right, exposing your knee to the ground.

Another thing that you should see is the sleeves. They must be wide and made of good material. A good way to ensure that would be by talking to the seller. There’s very little price difference between different knee pads. But the quality changes a lot. You should check out different options and then buy one that suits your needs.

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