Trust Invisalign St John’s Wood to help transform your smile

If you’re looking to transform your smile and enjoy a range of incredible benefits in the process consider Invisalign St John’s Wood. Not only will you see improved oral health levels overall, but you can look forward to reaping the rewards in other aspects of your life as well.

Patients from all around the world are turning to clear aligners as their leading orthodontic choice for teeth straightening. Not only are they efficient at correcting misaligned or crooked teeth, but they are also able to correct biting issues such as an overbite or underbite.

The clear aligner trays can be easily removed for a short period of time each day

Unlike traditional metal braces which are fixed onto the patient’s mouth and cannot be removed until the end of the treatment plan, Invisalign aligner trays can be removed by the patient for a few hours each day. Dentists recommend leaving in the aligners for around 20 hours a day in order to swiftly straighten and correct any problematic areas.

Enjoy improved self-confidence following your Invisalign journey

Did you know that clear aligners are able to help with restoring your ability to smile proudly and freely? Patients have the confidence to smile without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed due to the appearance of their teeth after wearing them.

Invisalign and woman

Customised aligners will be created for you as part of the Invisalign treatment plan

One of the great benefits of choosing Invisalign aligners is that the trays are custom-made especially for you and are tailored around your individual specifications and requirements. The orthodontist will create a mould of your mouth, teeth and gums which is then used to make the Invisalign aligner trays.

What is the first step of the process when starting your Invisalign journey?

To begin your smile makeover journey with Invisalign aligners, you will first need to make an appointment at their local dentist. A simple examination will take place in order to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the clear aligners.

The examination may include a few X-rays focused on your teeth and gums. This will help to determine any specific issues you may be experiencing, as well as identify any undiagnosed instances of gum disease or infection that may be present. The next step includes having an impression made of your mouth, teeth and gums which will help with the overall assessment process. The orthodontist will then review the findings as well as consider your medical history before making an informed decision about the best possible treatment plan.

The next step involves the treatment plan and costing being presented to you as a patient so you can consider all your options.

Can junior patients have Invisalign aligners?

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s possible for junior patients to be able to have Invisalign aligners, the simple answer is unfortunately not. Orthodontic treatments are usually reserved for teenage patients and adults. Invisalign is only advised for those patients who have had their permanent teeth formed and would like to find a teeth-straightening treatment to correct overcrowding or misaligned teeth.

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