Straightening teeth for people with an active lifestyle

Not everyone is satisfied with their smile and are perhaps wondering if there is something that can be done about it that can fit into their active lifestyles. Traditional braces can take too long and can be an encumbrance and sometimes dangerous for those who are active in sports or activities that could result in injuries and with more adults taking care of their physical health than previous generations, this is in fact a very likely possibility. Thankfully, with Invisalign, patients are able to straighten and enhance their smiles with a noninvasive and indeed invisible appliance that works quickly and effectively in straightening teeth.

The dangers of traditional braces in sports

Whether patients are partaking in track and field events, hockey, cricket, rugby, martial arts or even just the gym, the facts are that they are statistically more likely to suffer and oral injury than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and it is advised that people who take part in most of these activities wear oral protection when doing so. However, when braces are applied to the teeth it presents a number of sharp ends and wires that can injure the soft tissue in the mouth if knocked even gently.

For many adults, traditional braces present an aesthetic problem that may be considered a deal breaker when wanting to straighten their teeth. Those who partake in sporting activities in their leisure time are often in a professional environment during the day and cannot be seen to wear metal braces for 2 years.

A single solution

oral healthThere is an elegant solution to both these issues and it comes in the form of a clear aligner. This treatment takes far less time than traditional braces, is just about invisible, and is removable for full contact sporting activities that require a mouthguard.

At the first assessment of a patient’s smile, a 3D digital scan will be made of their teeth which involves no goo or molds, then while the patient watches the scan is uploaded onto a computer and a simulation of how their teeth will shift and change during treatment can be seen. This calculation will then be sent off to a lab where a set of custom clear aligners are made to be sent to the patient.

Once the patient receives their aligners they can start treatment immediately, each aligner will need to be changed every 1-2 weeks and this is easily done at home or work. Due to the aligners being removable, patients can eat and clean their teeth as per usual and are safe to pursue treatment even if they partake in sporting activities without the risk of injury due to treatment.

This treatment can straighten crooked or overcrowded teeth, fix gaps in a smile, and even correct issues with the bite called malocclusions, depending on each individual, treatment times may vary and can last anywhere from 4-9 months which is much shorter than the 2 years that traditional braces take. In very severe cases of malpositioned teeth, like a tooth that grows out of the pallet or is twisted, it may require those teeth first be moved with braces for a short while before clear aligners are applied for the rest of treatment but a dentist will be able to determine the right course of action.

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