Top Skin Benefits of Exercise You Should Make the Most Of

Without a doubt, our skin is our greatest shield. It’s our most important protector against the outside world. Think about it. It sure is thin as you can measure it in millimeters in thickness. Truth be told, the skin is about one-seventh of our body’s weight, making it the largest organ we have. And you can never really overemphasize the importance of your skin. Without it, you’d not only look like a zombie, but you’d also be vulnerable to harm from the outside world. We’re talking about the hot rays of the sun and the cold of winter, not to mention a host of toxic substances and pathogens.

Indeed, having regular exercise has helped countless men and women achieve greater physique. Top-billed Hollywood actors make the most of it. Names like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pratt exercise brutally to play the part. But the million-dollar question is, does exercise help our skin become healthier or not?

One thing’s certain: Whenever you go to the gym, you expose yourself to a dozen sweaty people. And there goes the rub. Sharing equipment without proper disinfection could introduce you to a lot of pathogens (COVID-19 included). To note, on average, we touch our faces 20 times in an hour. All this could potentially lead to the spreading of germs and bacteria. Thus, a closer look at how our skin is benefited from exercise is the order of the day.

Regular Exercise Improves Blood Flow

Whenever we work out, our heart also works double time. Thus, our blood is pumping throughout our bodies. In turn, this facilitates better blood circulation making fresh oxygen energize the whole body.

So, not only does physical exertion exercise the heart muscles, but it also makes fresh oxygen available to every cell of the body, the skin including. This means that all our body’s cells and skin cells are nourished. It improves our vitality and gives cellular repair and renewal.

In short, exercise benefits the skin. Being active promotes blood circulation and helps make your face look younger while maintaining softer and more radiant skin.

Small wonder celebrities, including the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, hit the gym regularly. It is making them glow.

Removes Waste and Toxins Inside our Body

While improved blood flow effectively delivers important nutrients to our cells, it also means that it carries away toxins and waste products out of the body.

Through the help of regular exercise, it helps flush debris out of our body’s system. This helps not only our skin but also our overall health. Just think of it as cleaning up or cleansing our skin from the inside.

Moreover, exercise can also help clear out our skin’s pores. It can remove anything that potentially clogs our pores—top of the list: bad skincare products and make-up residues.

Don that After-Workout Glow

Ever noticed that certain glow after a workout? It’s not a mere imagination, and it lasts for a few hours after every workout, says the experts.

According to Dr. Kathlee Cook Suozzi, an assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine, that “after-gym glow” that most people often describe has an explanation. It is actually due to the combination of increased blood circulation, endorphins, and dewy appearance from our sweat.

So, on your next date, hitting the gym before the event may not be such a bad idea after all.

Female runner jogging, training on stadium

Decreases the Risk of Chronic Skin Diseases

Stress is a common feeling, especially for adults. Our psychological responses can be triggered by excessive amounts of stress that can eventually lead to inflammation, breakouts, and allergic reactions.

Regular exercise can prevent all these changes from happening. For one, it decreases our body’s hormonal and also our immune stress response. In turn, it minimizes the risks of any chronic skin diseases, flare-ups, and breakouts. More importantly, it keeps our body’s defenses healthy and is better at responding and combatting any concerns about our health when needed.

In hindsight, this is why having the services of expert dermatologists regularly should bid you well. For one, they’d be able to help you when skin problems erupt. Even better, they can show you ways you can take care of your skin best.

Prevents Telltale Signs of Aging

As we all know, exercise takes a lot of work and endurance. But it pays. Ever felt that feeling of euphoria after a workout? It’s actually because you’re happy, and it’s mostly the release of our brain’s endorphins. In turn, these happy hormones talk to our skin. This way, it helps prevent stress and aging.

A study was also conducted that exercise has an anti-aging effect on a cellular level. Researchers found out that intense exercise prevents our DNA telomeres from shortening. To note, the gradual contraction of telomeres in our body’s cell divisions eventually leads to aging. And when our telomeres are at their limit, that cell will die.

As for skin infections from the gym, timely tweaks should get you going. If not, these home routines can serve their part.

Thus, fear not tons of sweat. Exercise can help slow down the effects of aging and postpone the inevitable. That should be enough to tell you waking up early to sweat it all out like “The Rock” six days a week is not a bad idea after all.

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