Warning Signs that You Need Dental Implants

Tooth loss is not something that you should dismiss. This is because it is likely to have lasting effects, such as an unsightly smile, tilting of adjacent teeth, and a misaligned bite. If you are considering restorative dentistry, you should consider dental implants because they are strong and durable. Since implants fuse to the jawbone, they provide quality support for dentures and bridges. This helps prevent the common shifting and slipping problems that bridges and dentures have. What are some of the signs that implants are an ideal therapeutic solution for you?

A Severely Damaged Tooth

Saving an infected or damaged tooth is still possible. If the damage is severe, however, bridges, dental crowns, and root canal treatments do not offer a permanent solution. Extracting a severely damaged tooth eliminates pain and the chances of damage to surrounding teeth. The good news is that extraction does not mean that all is lost. An implant solves your concern regarding empty spaces in your mouth. If your implant is fit by the right Meridian dental care provider, the implant will look and function like a natural tooth.

You Have Missing Teeth

Missing teeth pose potential problems for your oral and general health. In addition to causing eating and chewing problems, missing teeth can mean the shifting of surrounding teeth. They can also result in a sunken facial appearance after the loss of bone in your jaws. Irrespective of how you lost your teeth, it is essential to have the gaps filled. Dental implants remain the ideal solution for missing teeth because they act as artificial roots. This means that in addition to holding your remaining teeth intact, they prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Loose Dentures, Bridges, or Partials

Dentures on white backgroundCaring for dentures, bridges, and partials can be demanding. If they do not fit right, they will always be a nuisance when eating or even speaking. While your dentist can always rectify problematic dentures, bridges, and partials, opting for implants offers a more permanent solution. It is true that implants would still need your attention. Since they do not come with the many issues that other options pose, they remain a worthy option.

Improperly Functioning Teeth

Your teeth are likely to change over time. These changes are not necessarily age-related. If you have a bite, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching issues, your teeth are likely to change. In most cases, you will notice when something changes. It is always important to contact a dentist immediately you see these changes. If some of your teeth become extremely painful, extracting and replacing them with an implant becomes an option.

A Sunken-in Facial Appearance

Wearing dentures can solve your missing teeth problems. However, they do not take care of the sunken-in facial appearance most denture wearers have. Unlike implants, dentures rarely stimulate bone growth. In some cases, bone deterioration continues for most denture wearers. Artificial tooth roots are made from titanium, which bonds to bone tissue and stimulates bone growth.

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, your potential Meridian dental care practitioner should choose safe implants for you. Endosteal and subperiosteal implants remain the most reliable options as recommended by the American Dental Association.

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