Water Adventures in Utah for Nature Lovers

Utah is known for its towering snow-capped mountains, enchanting canyons, and world-famous national parks. But the state offers plenty of adventures for water enthusiasts, as well, especially those who love to wind down and take in the scenery. We’ve rounded up the state’s best water features (both natural and man-made) and must-try activities worthy of your bucket list.

1. Boating at the Pineview Reservoir

The Pineview Reservoir is an idyllic man-made waterscape perched in the majestic mountains of Ogden Valley. This Northern Utah destination attracts thousands of locals and tourists for its sandy beaches, pine-covered coves, and camping facilities. There are plenty of boat rental options for those who want to explore quiet coves, admire the view from the water, or put their angling skills to the test. The reservoir is a fishing hot spot where several species of trout, bass, and rainbows abound. The reservoir is definitely a family-friendly spot to try all sorts of safe and fun activities with the kids.

2. Jet Skiing at Deer Creek

The Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir is located in Heber Valley, a short drive from Provo, Salt Lake City, and Park City. Zip lining, swimming, and finishing are popular activities here, but if you’re looking for a more exhilarating way to enjoy the water, jet-skiing is a must-try. The waters at Deer Creek are clear and calm, so expect a smooth, steady, and fun ride with your jet ski. Nothing beats a high-adrenaline experience while exploring breath-taking sceneries.

3. Kayaking through the Colorado River

The Colorado and San Juan rivers cut through some of the country’s most amazing natural features, including the Moab, Arches, Canyonland, and Glen Canyon. Adrenaline junkies go on a pilgrimage to these hallowed rivers to test their rapids. But if you’re into a more relaxing ride, kayaking can be just as satisfying. There are plenty of bases and outfitters to choose from. These guided tours will take you to a journey deep into ancient history and true wilderness.

kayak boat

4. Paddleboarding at the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is like a mecca for paddleboarding, thanks to the additional buoyancy of its salty and oil-like waters. The biggest draw is its mirror-like water reflecting the pine-covered shoreline, the sky, and surrounding mountains. All these make the Great Salt Lake the best stand-up paddleboarding destination in all the Northern Hemisphere. Due to its popularity, however, it might be hard to paddle-board during the peak season when sailboats are up and about. Schedule your paddle boat trip off-season to enjoy the lake in all its glory.

5. Parasailing at Bear Lake

While there’s plenty to do on the water, it can also be enjoyed above the surface and up in the air. If you’re the more daring type and you don’t have a problem with heights, you’d love parasailing over Bear Lake. This natural freshwater lake looks awe-inspiring from above, with its expansive turquoise waters, lush green meadows, and tree-lined shores. Thanks to the lake’s huge surface area, it’s the perfect place to set off, fly, and land safely without worrying about boat traffic.

There is more to Utah than you might think of. Plan your next trip and make this beautiful state your destination of choice. You’ll be glad you did.

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