Wedding Bells are Ringing: How to Surprise your Future Fiancee with the Perfect Proposal

A lot of things come into play once you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship. When planning a marriage proposal, you need to consider the location, how you’re gonna do it (will it be during dinner, or after?), some traditional families appreciate being given a heads up, and of course the biggest consideration of all: the engagement ring. Will you choose a white gold solitaire with a 24-carat diamond in the middle? Or go for a yellow gold micro pave wedding band? Here are some tips on how to plan for your proposal and execute it flawlessly.

The Perfect Venue

It cannot be stressed enough how the location sets the mood for the entire surprise. It could be the place where you first met (it’s a cliche, but works wonders every time), where you first became partners officially, or a place that just screams marriage proposal (if you don’t mind being too obvious). Pick a place where you can have a certain amount of privacy and is intimate enough for you to say everything you need to say and finally get down on one knee.

Nothing ruins a proposal when there’s too much noise and both of you get distracted. A total mood-killer. If you choose a restaurant, make sure to choose a table that’s away from people, or better yet, book a small function room for extra privacy. Beachside proposals are also quite trendy, not to mention, very photogenic sceneries.

Make Sure to Document It

If you’re planning a big surprise, it’s better to set up how you plan to document it—whether it’s just still photos, or if you want it on video. If you’re planning to involve your future bride’s family, it would be amazing to have them stand by when you’re about to pop the question. Different angles would capture the special moment in various perspectives, which would be great to watch after she (hopefully) says yes!

Other proposers prop their phone or camera on a tripod if they’re working solo. The bottom line is, it’s always best to get everything on camera so you can always remember (and replay) the special moment. This would also serve as an amazing wedding present during your big day—have the photos framed and send it over her hotel room as she’s getting ready. She’ll definitely love it.

Get the Ring Ready

wedding rings

Of course, the moment you’d been waiting for—getting down on one knee, opening up that box, and finally asking “will you marry me?”. The engagement ring is what ties everything together. Make sure to keep it safe at all times because a proposal is almost never complete without the ring. Prior to your proposal, try to find ways on how to get her finger size to avoid having to go back to the jewellers to have it resized. You’d want your fiance to wear that ring until your wedding day.


Before anything else, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and that you are 100% ready to take the leap. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you’d want your proposal to be just as memorable as your big day.

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