Navigating the Dating Field Above 40s

Do people who are well past their younger years still have a shot at love? What’s next after surviving a divorce or the death of a spouse? How can they navigate the dating field? The truth is that there are many advantages to dating later in life. If you are in this particular age group, here are some ways to make dating work great for you:

Be Open to Try New Things

The dating that you have known before may not be the same as now. Have someone who can be a great ally. An excellent matchmaker in Charlotte will not only find you a good match. These experts can coach you on how to present yourself and put your best foot forward.

Also, show your date that you are not afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Try some fun new date ideas. This will make you look younger than your age. Also, it will give you and your date many things to talk about.

Leave the Past Behind

Dating scenes had been silent witnesses to how people carry their baggage. People sometimes make their present dates as sounding boards about their horrible exes. Or they venerate their dead spouses to the point of sainthood. Do not fall prey to such behavior.

At this stage of your life, you have your fair share of relationships. But the point of you going out to date is to find love anew. Thus, treat it as a clean slate. To avoid bringing up the past, steer clear of date potentials that remind you of your ex.

Be Authentic

With age comes a certain level of maturity. When dating, do not play coy or indifferent. Come as you are. Lay all your cards on the table. Your date, who may be the same age as you, will appreciate this sincerity. The authentic version of you will attract the right kind of person. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable. This is part of the dating game.

Do Not Get Discouraged with Your Age


A small voice within you may tell you that this dating thing will not work. It will remind you of failed relationships. It may also set a discouraging note that it is too late to find love. Do not listen to it.

Do not focus on those aging lines and bigger bellies. Focus instead on the wealth of experiences and wisdom that you can bring in a relationship. Being in a relationship at this stage has a sense of stability that may be lacking with younger people.

Balance Fearlessness with Caution

You may be feeling a little daring by trying modern ways such as online dating or speed dating. This is fine if you are comfortable with it. But you have to keep in mind that not everybody is honest when using these dating styles.

If you want to widen your social circle, it is still best to be more involved in your community or to volunteer. Blind dates referred by good friends and matchmaking companies also yield better outcomes. Make a proactive approach to finding your right match.

It is never too late to find true love. Age should never be a hindrance for you to go out there and seize the chance.

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