What You Need to Know Before Going to a Laser Hair Removal Appointment

More people are attracted to the idea of undergoing laser hair removal. This is not surprising, though, considering the result it offers. Compared to waxing and shaving, it has an almost permanent effect when it comes to hair growth.

Today, it has become a popular procedure for both men and women to deal with hair. In case you’re planning on undergoing one, there are a few preparations you have to do. This will ensure a safe and successful treatment. To find out what those are, here’s what you need to know.

Stay Away from Artificial Tanning

A month or two before your scheduled appointment, keep your skin light as much as possible. Avoid applying self-tanning products or undergoing any tanning procedure. Aside from that, try to limit your exposure to the sun, as it may cause sunburn. In the case of skin problem, you are not advised to undergo this procedure. This is why many people choose to undergo laser hair removal in Draper during the winter season.

Prevent Hair Waxing or Plucking

Refrain from waxing or plucking the hair on areas you intend to have laser treatment. Pulling out the hair may hinder the result. Shaving a day before is okay, but don’t do it on the day itself because it may cause your skin to swell, which can cause irritation or infection. In addition, try not to use apply any bleaching agent on the surface.

Avoid Applying any Skin Products

Keep the treatment site free from products or chemicals. Lotions, creams, or deodorants — it’s best not to apply any of these. As they will be removed during the procedure, it’s best to leave your skin bare. Right after the treatment, be sure to consult your physician before using them again.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

On the day of your appointment, be sure to wear comfy and loose fitting clothes. You might feel tightness or a bit of swelling right after the procedure, so it’s best if you have shirts or dresses that allow movement and have soft fabric. Tight-fitting or abrasive clothing might bring so much discomfort.

Expect Pain During the Session

woman getting a laser hair removal

As this treatment involves laser, you might feel a slight sting on your skin. The less painful area to have this procedure would be your underarm, but it still depends on the person’s pain tolerance. The good thing is this sensation is nothing if you think about the result you’ll enjoy later on. In case the pain gets unbearable for you, ask your physician for an anesthetic gel or cream. You may also apply warm compress on the treated area to alleviate the swelling or pain.

Remember these essential steps when undergoing laser treatment. This is to guide you accordingly throughout your appointment. Overall, there’s no risk for this procedure since it is non-invasive. But, you have to be careful about choosing who will perform it on you. Be more cautious and do your own research to avoid any problems. By doing so, you are sure to get rid of any unwanted hair in your body.


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