Beautiful, Long Locks: Not an Impossible Dream

It’s a familiar sight: the woman with long, luscious locks, gathering her hair and feeling the softness to her cheeks. Though the image is a common one all over the world, all women know that such thick and soft locks are not as easy to maintain.

For one, some women are not naturally endowed with a thick mane. Second, most women suffer from some form of hair loss at least once in their lives. Finally, aging also causes hair loss in females. So what does it take to grow a long and luscious mane? The answers might surprise you.

Often the best solutions focus on following a regimen that focuses on keeping a clean scalp and spreading the hair’s natural oils to each hair strand. If you have chemically-treated or damaged hair, you can use Luxury Hair Treatment Products that will provide moisture and encourage healthy hair growth.

Here are the strategies most women use to maintain long and healthy locks successfully.

1. Wash your hair the smart way.

Not all shampoos are made equal, and not all heads of hair are made equally as well. Choose a shampoo that uses organic and natural ingredients, and use it sparingly. If you wash your hair every day, it creates product buildup that makes your hair look dull and dry.

Wash your hair three times a week to prevent this. You should also avoid shampoos with sulfates and paraben. These chemicals act like detergent and give you a clean feeling, but could have adverse effects on your health.

2. Brush your hair before you sleep.

The adage does work! Though you don’t have to brush your hair a hundred times before going to bed, giving your scalp a soft massage or a few brushes before going to bed can stimulate your hair follicles and give your hair a softer feel when you wake up in the morning.

3. Use a hair thickening product.

hair products

If you are one of those women who do not have naturally thick hair, the promise of hair thickening serums and products can be tempting. The good news is that most of these products work, but you need to follow a strict regimen that will moisturize, protect, and stimulate the scalp.

You could also try hair-volumizing sprays and foams that you could leave on your hair. These products will give your hair volume, especially after styling and setting the hair.

4. Curl and wave your hair.

Curls and waves can give hair volume and the illusion of thickness. However, excessive curling could dry your hair. Use a product that will provide moisture before curling or waving your hair.

5. Do not sleep with wet hair.

Sometimes, you might feel too tired to care, but sleeping with wet hair can make it weaker and cause more breakage, which all leads to hair loss. Hair is made of protein, and like anything made of protein, it can stretch and bend. When you sleep with wet hair, it is more prone to stretching and breaks. Make sure to dry your hair properly before going to bed.

The solutions are not all that difficult when you think about it. So the next time you see that popular image of a woman flipping her long and beautiful hair in the wind, you won’t be surprised to see that it’s you.

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