How to Manage Unsightly Scars

It’s incredibly difficult and distracting to have scars that can even impede your daily activities. These scars are signs of having gone through some wound or procedure. But not all scars heal beautifully. Some scars have bumps or excesses that make them so hard to clean or maintain.

It’s not always vanity to worry about these scars. Sometimes, you really need to take a look at your scars, especially if they’re covering a larger area of your skin. There are also dangers to seeing irregularities in your scars, and they deserve some attention. There are ways you can manage your scars so that they won’t take over your body parts needlessly. Visit your reliable dermatologist for your acne scar treatment in Utah.

Silicone Gel for Fresh Scars

If you are worried about scars that swell within the first 24 to 48 hours of scarring, silicone gel can still do its magic. But it’s not going to work anymore by day 3. Just put in silicone gel for scars in the affected area and then wrap it for a day or two. Note that this is just a frontline fix and will not permanently have any impact on how the scars look like in the long term.

Steroid Injections

Woman getting a steriod injectionThese are a bit more expensive, but dermatologists use these for larger scars that are left to fend for themselves for months or days on end. Steroid injections can be done weekly or twice a month for larger cases, and you usually pay on a per-injection basis. The dosage of steroid injections also depends on how your body reacts to them. More receptive bodies see faster results with fewer shots.

Vaseline or Cocoa Butter

Vaseline or cocoa butter helps give regular scars a more normal-looking appearance. It helps match the color of your natural skin or make the scars stand out less, especially in prominent areas like your face or arms. This over-the-counter solution can work only for regular scars. Keloids are an entirely different issue.

Scratching keloid scars can make things worse. It stimulates the growth of the scars, and they can sadly take a life of their own. Tread carefully with keloids and get the expert advice of a dermatologist to check how many steroid shots are needed. An old wives’ tale is apple cider vinegar on cotton, but there are no therapeutic claims for this.

Scar Revision or Surgery

Ultimately, surgery can help scrape off unsightly scars and turn them into a more manageable size. Scar revision also occurs when you have post-surgical scars that have become impossible to manage the normal way. Revising a scar includes making it smaller and then having follow-up steroidal injections on it to stop it from growing again.

Make sure that you visit a dermatologist if you see irregular symptoms such as scar-like tissue spreading over the skin, membranes or vessels forming from inside the mass of the scar tissue, or discoloration. It is better to visit your dermatologist early so that having scars won’t prevent you from doing your daily activities efficiently.

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