The need to introduce children to the dentist

Within the environment of the family unit, young children are often those who demand and require the most attention, as they may still be learning about the many different things they need to think about when taking care of themselves and staying completely safe and healthy. This leads parents to spend much of their time reminding their children about the simple ways they can look after their body’s health, such as bathing regularly, brushing their hair and keeping their teeth clean.

Ask any parent if they struggle to get their children to brush their teeth twice a day, many will automatically indicate that they often do and may also feel the need to double-check when their children say they have but mum and dad know better. Every parent tries to teach their children the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day, as they want them to grow up with strong teeth and healthy gums. This is something that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Brushing is not the only way that parents can teach their children to look after their teeth and gums, as there is something else good parents teach that ensures they will grow up with good oral health. Many parents will ensure that their children are able to engage with a dentist Stevenage, as this will give them access to professional services and treatments that will help them maintain high standards in their oral health and hygiene.

The family dental practice

dentist with a happy woman patient

It is well known that many dental practices around the United Kingdom treat several generations of the same family, so grandma or granddad taking a grandchild for an oral examination or some dental treatment is not uncommon. Many clinics have staff who take the trouble to appear warm and friendly to any children that enter the environment of the practice, the staff seek to make a child feel at ease when they visit their dental practice.

When introducing a child to a dental practice they may appear nervous, this is when speaking to the staff and asking them to sit and talk to a nervous child may provide the calming influence that a child needs to engage with the dental chair. It may also prove helpful to let a child attend mum or dad’s oral check-ups, as once they see that their parent is comfortable letting dental professionals look in their mouths, they may feel encouraged to follow suit.

There is no hard rule as to what age a child should be introduced to the services and treatments that are available at a dental practice, this is something that a parent should be left to decide, as they will know their children best and they will be able to make informed decisions on behalf of their child. Research does show that the earlier a child is introduced to good oral practices the more likely they are to maintain them throughout their life.

Start the registration process

If any parent wishes to register their child or children with a dentist they should contact the practice to start the process and book their child’s first appointment for an oral health check.

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