Replacing patient’s missing teeth with Sheen Dental Implants Richmond

When someone losses a tooth or several teeth it is often a sudden and painful experience for a person to go through, this experience will also leave a lasting impression on someone’s mouth that may cause them to make small changes to the way that someone uses their mouth after the loss.

Tooth loss often causes someone to avoid eating tougher food, such as steak, as attempting to chew them with the flesh of the gum and the jawbone may prove difficult and painful. It is also common that where a person has experienced tooth loss at the front of the mouth they decide to try to avoid smiling, as they may wish to conceal their tooth loss from others around them.

It should be made clear that while many people think the main cause of tooth loss in the United Kingdom is down to the fact that someone has poor oral health and hygiene, this is in fact wrong. Most of the tooth loss cases around the UK are caused by someone being involved in some kind of accident that caused the mouth and/or jawbone to receive an impact that causes a person’s teeth to be displaced. This could be a road traffic incident, an accident in the home, or an impact on a sports playing field.

Sheen dental implants Richmond can offer patients a tooth loss treatment that could give them back their missing teeth in a way that feels natural and that is fixed in place within a person’s jaw.

A solid  solution to tooth loss

a man with missing tooth

Following the loss of a tooth or several teeth, many sufferers start to investigate the solutions that are available in the dental market of the United Kingdom that could help them to replace the teeth they have lost. This will brings many of these patients into contact with dental devices such as bridges or dentures, but these devices can come with their challenges that many may wish to avoid.

Many patients who are looking for a tooth replacement treatment want to find a solution that recreates the properties of the tooth or teeth that have been lost, meaning any solution that will be considered needs to be extremely hard-wearing and permanently fixed into position within the mouth. This leads many patients to look at dental implants as the potential solution that they have been looking for.

The Treatment

This treatment takes place in two phases and what follows is a description of the replacement of a single tooth. However, this treatment can be easily adapted to replace several missing teeth, patients should consult their dentist about the replacement of several teeth.

First, a titanium screw is inserted into the patient’s jaw with the screw tip sticking out above the gum, which creates a strong foundation for a new tooth to be attached to. The new tooth is created from a ceramic crown that will be coloured and shaped to allow it to naturally fit in with any remaining teeth, this is fixed in place on the head of the inserted screw.

Following treatment with Sheen Dental Implants patients will feel like they have been given back their natural teeth, as they will not be concerned about the food they eat due to their teeth any longer.

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