Do You Need Insurance to Get Quality Dental Care?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 40 million citizens lack any form of dental insurance. Further data shows that insured patients are more likely to visit the dentist compared to the uninsured. It does not mean that uninsured people do not develop dental problems. They are simply forgoing important health checks and treatments. Owing to the fear of being unable to pay for treatment, these patients are exposing themselves to dangerous conditions that could even claim their lives.

What these people are probably unaware of is that dentists treat many uninsured people, especially the older folks, daily. Patients only need to survey the available options and apply a few cost-cutting measures.

1. Enhanced Preventive Care

Oral health problems start slowly, often because of neglect. Nowadays there are preventative dentistry services that help keep teeth in good shape so you will not need expensive treatments. Prevention of plaque, brushing regularly and properly, using correct dental products and eating well are some of the preventative steps that family dentists in Longmont suggests.

2. Dental Schools

Like in other professions, dental students need exposure to real medical situations before certification or graduation. They are constantly looking for cases to solve so they can fulfill these conditions. For a little cost, you may receive good dental attention from them. The American Dental Association website has all the information you need for this option.

3. Clinical Trials

Organizations and learning institutions sometimes run medical studies as they seek answers for diseases and develop new treatments. For instance, they must put any new drug to trial before release for public consumption. That is where volunteerism comes in. Of course, this comes with free dental care.

4. Negotiation

The dentist may have discounts for people like you, but you need to ask for them. Here, you need to apply your best negotiation skills, and you may save a lot. The dentist may offer you an appointment when things are calmer for a discounted fee.

5. Payment Plans

Some dentists offer something close to insurance in the form of payment plans. With an annual fee paid upfront, you are ready to receive dental services.

6. Promotions

This is another excellent option for patients without insurance but who are interested in promotional stuff. Alongside coupons, promotions are common in Longmont; you need to keep your ears on the ground.

7. Government Agencies

Government institutions are usually designed to assist uninsured people from accessing medical attention.  For instance, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) facilitate treatment for high-risk individuals by providing a list of affordable dentists in every area. Check out their site for more information.

8. Part-time Employment

a yellow sticky note that says part-time job on a keyboard

There are flexible part-time jobs that could offer dental coverage. In your pursuit for better dental care for less, you may want to apply for such jobs. Most need you to reach the number of work hours per month, and you will qualify for insurance.

Proper dental hygiene appears to be the easiest way to save treatment money. However, some ailments may be inevitable, so having affordable options makes sense. If you cannot afford conventional insurance, do not give up as there is always a way out.

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