How can your dentist help you?

When the word ‘brace’ is mentioned, first thoughts often sway towards metal looking devices within the mouth that resemble train-tracks or a wired contraption that sits on the outside of the head. The appearance being the first thought and the effect of the straightening mechanism being the second. However, wearing a brace or aligner can have multiple benefits and therefore below we touch upon a few things that orthodontics Navan can help with.

Discover the extent of misalignment

During your regular dental check-ups, possible misalignments within the mouth will be detected, but the extent of the issue may not be fully uncovered until an in-depth appointment with your dentist. During your visit with the orthodontic team early signs of misalignment may be uncovered and prevention methods established early on so as to avoid further dental problems later in life.

No matter your age, a visit to the orthodontic team can help protect and improve the health of your smile.

putting on invisible braces

The prevention of tooth loss

Tooth misalignment can lead to multiple problems when it comes to thoroughly cleaning the teeth. The plaque surrounding the teeth can be difficult to reach for both you and your dental team and over time, the hidden plaque can cause gingivitis or other dental problems. As time progresses, if left untreated, the teeth may need extracting so as to protect the overall health of the mouth. It is therefore better to manage the realignment issue early on by seeking your dentist’s help, rather than leave the misalignment and plaque build-up untouched.

Reverse or prevent possible speech problems

Misalignment of the teeth can often go hand in hand with speech problems such as difficulties with pronunciation or a lisp. Whether in your youth or later in life, the speech problems can form, but through wearing a brace or aligner the gradual realignment of the teeth can help reduce or eliminate the previous speech difficulties and overall pronunciation can improve. This improvement can often occur due to the opening up of space within the mouth and the reduction of space between teeth. As a result, the muscle movements of the mouth and tongue can become more fluid and in turn create a more precise sound and clearer pronunciation when speaking.

You may not notice the difference yourself, but your peers may notice the alteration to your articulation.

An improvement to health

When wearing braces, little thought is often put into how this may affect your overall health. After all, braces are more for cosmetic gain surely?

Having straighter teeth can help with reducing the amount of plaque that builds up within the mouth and therefore, surprisingly health problems such as heart disease, strokes and other serious health issues can be greatly reduced. Whilst this may sound odd, studies have shown strong correlations between the build-up of plaque and cardiovascular problems. Wearing a brace could therefore protect your health in more ways than one.

Adding a touch of confidence

To add to all the physical benefits of wearing a brace or aligner is the impact on your mental health. Losing faith in your smile and hiding away due to a crooked smile can, over time, greatly impact your self-esteem. Taking time to straighten out your imperfections can, therefore, help form a new confidence within yourself and help uncover your beautiful smile.

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