How I Met My Future Spouse: Finding Modern Love

What is not to love about listening to how two people fell in love? You want romance, twists, and turns, and if you’re partial, a smattering of snow and some heavy-duty angst before everything works out for the best. But life is not a Hallmark Christmas movie and in many cases, most people’s love stories do not quite have the flair for dramatics that a good rom-com can give you.

We said not all. There is always a love story that catches you and gives you all the feels despite not knowing the couple in question. In real life, not just in made-for-TV movies that focus heavily on the schmaltz and ignore the substance that really gels a partnership between two people in love.

These days, there is a heavy emphasis on the swipe right culture, but in days past, people fell in love and met their spouses or long-term partners in many wonderful and quite frankly unique ways? Can you really find true love via a dating app in an online world where people are focusing on instant gratification rather than building long term foundations for a lifetime relationship?

Some people argue that, yes, true love can be found online and there are many success stories to prove love is literally all around us online and off too. In the past two decades, three in ten Americans have admitted to using online dating using dating apps with this method of meeting a new partner more common for those under 50 years of age.

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But how are people meeting their spouses if not online you ask? Well, there is not a one size fits all category for meeting your future spouse. Nor will a good matchmaker checklist or demand for certain criteria guarantee you will meet your modern-day prince charming. Sometimes, it is not about what you are looking for but how fate is looking out for you. That is something none of us have control over.

What if you want to make your own fate, however? Will destiny have already decided your future or can you put a twist on a timeless classic and rewrite all the rules when it comes to playing matchmaker in your own dating life? Meeting new partners through friends is still one of the most popular ways to meet a new love or if that fails, workplaces are top of the list for romantic meetings.

Destiny is unpredictable and the ending in every love story may vary. We wouldn’t know whom we will end up with, but the journey to finding the right one makes the experience extraordinary. Life is a journey, and we have the power to choose our destination.

If you are looking to rewrite the stars and embark on your quest to find true love, then maybe you need a bit of inspiration and a nudge in the right direction to meet your future spouse! Or someone willing to push you in the right direction and set up the all-important meet-cute to give you the opening line to your original love story.

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