How You Can Get That ‘Glowing’ Skin As Shared by Your Favorite KPOP Idols

The Korean Wave has definitely hit big over the recent years. From the global popularity of KPOP, K-Dramas, and Korean Food, it cannot be denied how much influence Koreans have had over the years. And one of the most notable trends from Korea is their skincare routine.

Apart from the global influence of KPOP through their unique music, sharp choreographies, and high-quality music videos, most people also recognize the stars’ creamy, porcelain, and clear skin. That left many people to wonder how these KPOP stars tend to take care of their skin.

Here are a few advice given by some of the biggest KPOP stars on how they manage to keep their skin clear and healthy. Don’t forget to consult each one with your Murray dermatologist.

Stay Hydrated – Drink Lots of Water!

This is one of the most common pieces of advice given by KPOP stars (or by any other person who has clear skin). Especially with their hectic schedules, and having to travel a lot, sometimes they do tend to overlook their routine.

When asked about if there were any secrets or special thing that he does while he’s on the plane, BTS’ Jimin said that he only drinks water. “There really isn’t anything special that I do for my skin while we’re on the plane, but since we travel a lot, I just try to drink as much water as possible.”

The ‘Double Cleansing’ Method (also known as the ‘424’ process) – as popularized by Bae Suzy

One of the most beautiful Korean actresses out there, Bae Suzy revealed that one of the key secrets to her glowing skin is a process that she likes to call, the “424” process. This routine contains removing make-up for four minutes using cleansing oil and then followed by a two-minute application of foaming cleanser.

And then another four minutes of cleansing washing everything off with water. Doing it every day would have phenomenal results.

Wash Your Hands Before Applying Products

woman with healthy skin

Daesung, one of the members of legendary KPOP group BigBang, is not only known for his contributions as a vocalist to the group but also his cleansing technique. Even the group’s leader, G-Dragon, admitted to following Daesung’s technique.

The lead vocalist says he makes sure he washes and scrubs his hands first before touching his face. He also went against spraying the shower directly on your face and instead go easy with the water.

Visiting a Skin Care Clinic

Girls’ Generation member and leader, Kim Taeyeon, is not only known for her amazing vocals but also her porcelain, clear skin. Though Taeyeon has previously said that her pale and creamy skin came from her parents and is mostly a biological accident, the star still had something to share if there were anything special that she does for her skin.

The Kpop Star admitted that she does occasionally visit a dermatologist for checkups for her skin when asked on an Instagram Live by a fan. Taeyeon has even shared a couple of her trips to a skin clinic and shared how much she enjoyed going there.

These are some of the most notable tips that you could follow if you wish to have that glowing skin like your KPOP idols have. It is a bit of a challenge and time, but with the right dedication, when done routinely, it will all be worth it!

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