Methods of Contouring Teeth

Getting a winning smile takes more than perfectly white teeth. At times, your strict dental hygiene routine might not guarantee the smile for which you are aiming. Among the prevalent issues affecting smiles are cracked and misshapen teeth. You might unfortunately not do so much to change this. This is because these issues are often genetic or follow traumatic dental injuries.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry in South Jordan now has a solution for those who are battling imperfect smiles because of misshapen teeth. While these solutions are often classified as cosmetic dentistry procedures, this is mostly a misnomer. This is because, at times, the misshapen teeth affect more than just your smile. They also make it hard to clean your teeth effectively and contribute to dental problems. Grossly misshapen teeth and deep cracks will often need braces and orthodontic appliances to fix. The following are some of the methods for reshaping teeth with minor imperfections.


This is the most popular choice for altering the shape of teeth. In this option, a dentist binds a resin that closely resembles your natural tooth color to the misshapen and cracked tooth. The resin is then cured under a special light to make it stick to your tooth. Dental bonding can fill gaps in teeth and straighten rough chips and edges. When properly maintained, bonded teeth can last for over ten years and withstand the ordinary pressure on your teeth without chipping.


The placement of dental crowns on your misshapen teeth can also hide any imperfections and improve your smile. Dental crowns fit your teeth, much like caps, before they are permanently cemented under a curing light using dental resin. Though several materials can be used for dental crowns, the most common are gold and porcelain. Gold is often used for the back teeth, while ceramic suffices for the front ones. The installation of dental crowns takes less time than bonding. The color of the crowns can also be customized to match that of your natural teeth.



This procedure involves the use of thin porcelain shells to alter the look of your front teeth. Different application methods exist for dental veneers. The wide range of choices is meant to guarantee you get a method that makes your veneers discrete and able to withstand the biting forces of the front teeth. Veneers are cheaper compared to dental crowns and can also be modified to match your natural tooth color.


This is also called enameloplasty. In the procedure, small amounts of your dental enamel are removed to change the surface, length, or shape of your teeth. An x-ray is first performed to ensure the teeth are healthy. Your dentist will then highlight the dental areas that will be sculpted before a sanding instrument contours your teeth. After sanding, the tooth will be smoothed and polished.

Get That Winning Smile

Misshapen teeth do not have to mean wearing braces for a long time. The above contouring options might be the solution to perfectly shaped teeth and, consequently, a winning smile. Thankfully, they are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to fix your teeth without breaking the bank.

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