Plumbing up the look of the mouth with lip fillers Kent

As people age their faces start to show signs that they are getting older in the form of developing features such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, and folds that make different areas of the face look worn and old. An area of the face where signs of age can become heavily apparent and highly visible is around the mouth and lips.

Many people who start to develop signs of age around their mouths start to find these features unappealing and start to seek out ways to rejuvenate the look of the skin in this area of the face. Often this will lead them to visit a chemist to seek out remedies and creams that may help to moisturise the skin of the entire face, but some may wish to seek out a medical treatment that promises to fill out the look of the ageing area, making it look plump and young once more.

For those looking to regain the youthful look of their mouths lip fillers Kent may well be a treatment option they may wish to consider, as it may lead them to the results they desire.

Reversing the signs of ageing

As people age the skin of the face loses the ability to produce the hyaluronic acid it needs to stay looking healthy and young, this then causes the muscles under the skin to contract and become tense; meaning they are no longer filling out the area under the skin. This leads to the signs of age developing and becoming more pronounced.

Lip fillers, which are a class of dermal fillers, are made from sterile hyaluronic acid and can be safely injected under the skin to help the muscles relax and return to their natural state. This will help to fill out the treated area making it look fresh and plump again.

Using a dentist to receive treatment

When people think of the dentist, they normally conjure up thoughts of fillings and extractions, very few will consider that they may also be the perfect people to provide injectable cosmetic treatments. However, their years of training allows them to be expert at providing injection into the delicate areas of the face without damaging any of the tiny muscles under the facial skin.

In recent years more and more dental surgeries have decided to branch out into this treatment area, allowing them to provide more of the treatment options that their patients may be looking for, doing so create a safe environment for treatment that is staffed by fully trained professionals that can provide the appropriate care.

dentist teeth check up

The next step

Any patient considering treatment with lip fillers should first contact a practice that provides them and ask for a consultation appointment, that way their needs can be fully assessed. If treatment goes ahead, it is important that the patient follows all advice about after treatment care, this will allow them to recover as expected.

Patients should also be aware the effects of these treatments are not permanent; they can have top-up treatments to allow the effects to last longer but this should only be done in agreement with a fully trained professional.

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