Natural Ways of Treating GERD Without Medicine

Having acid reflux can be nasty: you won’t have the mood to eat, you’ll feel like you want to vomit all the time, and you’ll feel like your chest is burning. Acid reflux is usually caused when acid builds up on your stomach and is eventually pushed up to your esophagus. Typically, your throat is shut tight, unless there’s food that’s coming through, or coming out. This build-up of acid will irritate the lining of your esophagus, which then leads to vomiting.

For the most part, nobody wants to keep on vomiting; it’s going to be harder for you to go through with your day or work when you have a burning sensation on your chest all the time. But contrary to what most pharmacists say, acid reflux can be treated without the need for medication. For thousands of years, humans have used natural remedies and food to address specific ailments. Just like what they say: let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.

Since medicine is tailored explicitly to treating specific ailments, it’s the most effective way of ensuring that certain types of diseases don’t take hold. However, for most individuals who do not have easy access to these types of medications, some might come from rural areas or are miles away from civilization. If that’s the case, they might need to find herbs and more natural ways of counteracting an acidic stomach. Additionally, some individuals are not so keen on the taste of medicine, which could lead to them vomiting even more.

With that said, natural remedies are a tried and tested way of treating almost any ailment since the start of civilization. Of course, you might need to check in with a certified medical practitioner regarding these natural practices. Having professional supervision helps mitigate any further complications.

Food and Herbs

First and foremost, food has always been a natural way of treating any type of disease.

  • Fruits And Vegetables — Some fruits have anti-acid properties that will help counter the effects of acid on your throat.
  • Lean Meat — Since fatty meat can contribute to acidity, lean meat is an excellent way of keeping your stomach occupied and filled. Most of the time, meat takes more time to digest, which in turn helps in absorbing even more acid.
  • Whole Grain Products — Whole grains like oatmeal, granola, and rice are great ways of keeping your stomach filled. Some grains are also useful as soaking liquids such as stomach bile and acid. That can help regulate the amount of acid that’s present on your stomach.
  • Tea — There are several types of herbs that are known for settling the stomach. Ginger tea and chamomile tea are effective against chronic acid reflux. In addition to relieving heartburn, these teas are also a proper way of relaxing muscles and reducing stress.

Don’t Lie Down with a Full Stomach

If your esophagus is being irritated by your stomach’s acid, there’s a good chance that it’s wide open. If this is the case, then gravity is the only thing that’s keeping the stomach’s contents from spilling out. Think of your stomach like a bottle: unless it’s tightly shut, laying it down to the side means that everything inside will spill out.

If ever you do need to lay down, it’s recommended that you lay down on your left side. Physiologically, your stomach is positioned right below your esophagus. While acid might escape if you’re laying on the right side, positioning your body to the left side will make the acid more gaseous and less messy.

Distract Yourself

Instead of focusing on the pain and the discomfort that you feel from heartburn, you can distract yourself with engaging activities.

While you’re at it, chew some gum, watch some movies, or even meditate. Getting yourself in a mental state where you can tune out the pain and discomfort can help in accelerating your recovery. Of course, it’s best not to do any rigorous activities just yet since your stomach’s acid might irritate your esophagus even more.

Professional Help

Woman has reflux acids in the garden

While GERD and acid reflux can be treated by natural means, getting professional attention can help expedite the process. Sometimes, the uptick of acid and GERD can be underlying symptoms of another type of disease. As such, having a gastroenterologist’s professional opinion and supervision will ensure that you are aware of your situation.

When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to ask questions regarding your condition.

Whether you’re a health junkie that wants to use natural means of healing your stomach, or you just don’t want any synthetic medication on your body, just remember that you will need to protect your esophagus. Most medicines are designed to either protect your throat with an antacid coating or by directly interacting with the acid production.

There are a variety of natural ways of treating your GERD and acid reflux. But if you are not sure about what you should be doing, you can always ask a professional to help you out.

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