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In today’s society many people find joy in adapting their cosmetic appearance. Whether this is through surgery, make up or aesthetic treatments, rejuvenating one’s youthful appearance is growing in popularity and demand.

It may be that you have been considering which path may be most suitable for you to attain this rejuvenation for quite some time. Perhaps you have recently come to consider this as a way forwards and so are researching some possible options. Whatever your position is, there are many dentists out there carrying out facial aesthetics treatments.

There are many places that provide Botox Dublin as well as filler treatments. So, whether you are looking to smooth out lines, or boost volume in your cheeks or lips to renew a youthful appearance then you should be covered by one of these skilled practitioners.

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Which treatment is most suitable for me?

Deciding which treatment is best suited to your needs and wishes can be difficult, and is therefore best done in consultation with a qualified professional. In order to make an informed decision it is recommended to book an appointment with someone who can discuss your needs and goals with you and provide you with any relevant information about the treatments they offer and how they might benefit you. It may be that during this discussion you decide that a combination of both Botox and fillers is most suited to you, or you may opt to do one or the other.

By having this consultation prior to undergoing treatment, they can organise your treatment plan around any upcoming events in your diary. This might be important to you because bruising and/or swelling may occur as a result of the aforementioned treatments. Furthermore, this appointment affords you the opportunity to highlight any queries you may have so that they may be able to answer these for you.

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Botox treatments are often chosen where patients wish to address the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the upper third of the face (although it can also be used on the lower part of the face too). This area naturally has less volume and therefore botox may be the most appropriate form of addressing these wrinkles. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to undergo and doesn’t (usually) require any recovery time, meaning you can get right back to your usual activities. It is even a short enough treatment that you could have it done during your lunch break!

Botox works by interrupting nerve signal transmission to the muscles in the area where the treatment is injected. This helps to prevent muscle contraction, thus contributing to a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Fillers are slightly different. A smooth gel is inserted into the problem area/s (most commonly the cheeks and/ or lips). This helps to restore volume to fill out the skin and enhance the appearance of smoothness. They can also aid the production of natural collagen. Where fillers are used for lips, they can help to create a more defined look and promote a more emphasised lip.

What are my next steps?

For more information about available facial aesthetics treatments, search for facial aesthetics providers in your local area and get the treatment you have been waiting for!

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