Reasons You Should Take Tooth Misalignment Seriously

Misaligned teeth are one of the most common dental issues in Tampa. Other than the spoiled smile because of crooked teeth, misalignment affects the facial appearance of the victim. Some other common issues arising from the same are jaw pain, chewing problems, and speech challenges. Fortunately, a dentist in Tampa and other dentistry experts continue to search for solutions for malocclusions. Modern braces are a good example of what medicinal inventions can help in overcoming oral health challenges. It is good to seek the attention of the doctor early because orthodontic treatments tend to become more expensive as they become entrenched.

Even if it is just one tooth with an alignment problem, you should seek dental help, because of not only the cost aspect but also the following issues.

1. Gum Disease

Not all patients with malocclusions develop gum disease, but the presence of alignment problems can enhance the development of periodontal disease. Teeth crookedness makes it extremely easy for bacteria to thrive in the spaces created within the gums. For people whose gums have pockets due to ill-fitting gums, the situation becomes even worse. As bacteria make these pockets their home, tooth loss may follow, thus compounding the problem even more.

2. Brushing Teeth Difficulty

Brushing teeth may seem like a normal routine, but it such a difficult affair for people with misaligned teeth. Mostly, this challenge is for jammed teeth, where the space for brushing individual teeth is nonexistent. Not flossing or brushing properly gives room for other complications, most visibly the formation of plaque. Bacteria will have a field day in such a scenario, and serious dental complications could be in the offing in months to come.

3. Tooth Injury

tooth misalignment

One risk that exists by the mere fact that teeth are out of place is an injury. Normal teeth line up along the gum. This not only gives a perfect smile but also provides support for each tooth. For the misaligned teeth, this form of safety is removed, as each tooth seems to be on itself. You can attest to the fact protruding teeth tend to crack and chip. Such tooth problems are not only painful but also challenging to repair for any dentist.

4. Bad Breath

The food we eat can contribute to an occasional bad breath, which is easy to control with brushing and flossing. What if the best efforts will not help get rid of the bad breath? If you have crooked teeth, the answer lies there. Because of the difficulty to brush, more bacteria remain in the gaps and contribute to the bad breath.

5. Other Diseases

Tooth alignment challenges affect more than just dental health; general health is also at high risk. Scientists have discovered a correlation between periodontal complications and obesity, diabetes and other serious ailments. As the gums become inflamed, the other parts of the body have heightened risk as well, and susceptibility to general health complications increases.

Dealing with tooth misalignment is always possible, especially for kids. Braces are particularly effective in correcting the issue, even for adults. Discuss with your dentist the various treatment options available to prevent these related problems.

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