Six Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System vs. Allergies

It is hard to know the exact time and moments an allergic reaction will strike. The best way you can fight off the symptoms of your allergy is by boosting your body’s immune system. Strengthening your defenses against allergens can help minimize their effects, which, in turn, will let you live a more normal life.

But where do you start? Here are some ways you can strengthen your immune system and alleviate the symptoms of your allergy.

Go for immunotherapy

This treatment option improves not only your body’s immune system but also its response to specific types of allergens. Studies show that patients who have had immunotherapy injections once or twice a week have desensitized their immune system over time. This is the best option for patients who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms for the entire year.

Add vitamin C to your diet

Allergens, such as dust, mold, pollen, animal dander and insect bites, cause your cells to produce histamine, and histamine is the primary cause of seasonal allergy symptoms. If you take more vitamin C, you will get to prevent the production of histamine, reducing your allergic reactions. To achieve the best results, you can choose to take vitamin C with bioflavonoids every day. This combination will help boost your immunity.

Fight with acupuncture

Undergoing autoimmune disorder acupuncture in Seattle and other forms of relaxing activities can help you create a balance in your body. Thus, controlling your immune response. Some studies show that meditation has a direct positive effect on a person’s stress levels. Moreover, doing a few relaxation activities can also reduce the pain and anxiety that you are feeling in relation to your condition.

Engage in a healthy lifestyle

planning meals

Although spending hours at the gym and eating more vegetables still will not completely cure your allergies, these can minimize its effects, as well as a few common problems, too. A person who is in great shape can withstand allergic symptoms better than those who do not do anything with their health. However, if you have allergies, it is best to do your exercise routines indoors to avoid triggering a reaction. Another option is to take your medication before you go out and exercise.

Take fish oil supplements

There are specific types of oils that boost cell formation inside the body. Consider taking supplements that have DHA and EPA every day. Since both essential fatty acid components are anti-inflammatory, it is a great way to treat heart disease and even hay fever.

Eat some onions

While you may not like their strong smell or taste, onions are actually a great source of quercetin, which is a bioflavonoid that helps reduce some allergy symptoms. Quercetin is useful for treating asthma, sinusitis and colds.

These are only some of the ways you can improve your body’s immune system and protect yourself against allergies. When all else fails, however, get in touch with your doctor immediately. Together, create an allergy management plan that best fits your condition and your needs.

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