Restoring smiles and confidence with Invisalign

For many the expression of joy by smiling is not something that they are comfortable with, not because they don’t want to smile, but because they are too self-conscious to do so. Malocclusion manifests itself in a variety of different ways. Crooked or crowded teeth and overbites and underbites are a few conditions which can make you feel too embarrassed to open your mouth. Friendly and experienced dental teams have helped many patients to release their inner happiness and express themselves by enjoying the natural function of smiling.

Improved equipment

For decades tooth straightening treatment was invariably carried out on children, because adults found the appliances too visible, cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear. Traditionally they were made from metal and consisted of blocks, wires and bands to gradually move teeth into alignment.

Over the decades dental science has harnessed the latest technology to improve on the traditional braces and create a new generation of appliances as well. Around the middle of the 1990s a new concept was conceived which did not require blocks, wires and bands. Made of a clear dental material and fitting over teeth like a gumshield, the appliance referred to as an aligner, was born. Dental teams use Invisalign St. John’s Wood to bring relief to dental misalignment sufferers who want discreet treatment. Not only is the concept revolutionary but because it is constructed from a clear material it is also almost invisible. The brand Invisalign refers to their aligners as trays.

Developing more than just a dental appliance!

Invisalign uses a range of hardware and software that has been developed in conjunction with the trays, so that the treatment is highly efficient and productive. Not only did they create a tray that corrects dental misalignment, but they created a 3D scanner which can take thousands of images per second and allows a dentist to create a comprehensive 3D image of the inside of your mouth. Using this 3D image a dentist can produce, for you, a virtual image of what your new smile will look like, before they start treating you. Using software means that dentists can do everything digitally. So there is no gloopy dental putty to create a mould of your teeth, this is done using digital images. They can communicate much quicker with the laboratory, speeding up the entire process. Any adjustments can be done without having to call you back. The whole process is more efficient and accurate ensuring that you get the best treatment.

Treatment duration

woman with toothache

The duration of the treatment depends on your condition, obviously the more severe your condition the longer the treatment. Based on your condition a series of trays is produced, each tray has a slightly different orientation and must be worn for about three to four weeks and for up to 22 hours per day. These trays can be removed to allow you to eat and brush your teeth. Once the treatment period has been completed there is a final aligner that must be worn. This aligner holds your teeth in their new positions and allows them to settle.

Release, the inner you

Once you are able to remove the final aligner you can forget your inhibitions. Confident that you now have a broad smile with teeth that are perfectly aligned.

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