Small Strategies that Impact Heart Health

One of the keys to a fit and active lifestyle is to have a healthy heart. This muscle works hard to keep everything going in your body. Thus, it is vital to take an extra ounce of effort to strengthen it.

Aside from known ways to heart health, you can include small strategies as an extra measure. Here are some things that you can try.

Preserve Your Pearly Whites

Some people are unaware of the connection between a strong set of teeth and a healthy heart. Good oral hygiene helps prevent some heart diseases. Bacteria buildup in your gums can have adverse effects on your heart valves. Regular brushing and flossing are a must, but you can still step up with your teeth care.

Tooth-whitening kits with LED light technology will not only give you a confident smile. Removing teeth stains leads to lesser chances of decay with your pearly whites. A strong set of teeth translates to a better heart.

Orient Yourself with “Good Fats”

It is a known fact that fats pose a danger to your cardiovascular health. But this does not mean that you have to ban fats altogether in your diet. What you need to identify are foods that are rich in “good fats.”

On top of this list are avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, fatty fishes such as salmon and chia seeds. With this wide variety of choices, you do not have to feel guilty for including fats in your daily plate.

Unwind to Release Stress

Positive stress gives you a boost to do things. But bad stress poses a great danger to your physical and mental health. Stressed people experience an increase in their blood pressure. There is also a notable decrease in their immune system. One can also show negative emotional responses such as aggression under extreme stress.

Thus, it is important to nip bad stress when it is still in its early stages. Learn to step away from overwhelming situations and take time to breathe. It is also important to have in your schedule something that you enjoy and love doing.

Nudge Yourself to Move

A sedentary lifestyle is bad news to your heart. Without much activity, your blood flow can get restricted. Also, staying in one position for most of the day can contribute to weight gain.

A sedentary lifestyle does not always mean that someone is lazy. Most jobs nowadays make people sit in front of their computers for the bigger chunk of the day. One solution to encourage movement is to take regular breaks. You can also try a standing workstation. Shifting positions also encourages creativity.

Ditch the Salt

High sodium intake spells trouble for your heart. It can lead to hypertension and even premature death. Instead of reaching for the salt shaker, you can look for healthier alternatives. Making your food tasty does not mean that you have to put your health at risk.

Herbs and spices can give your dishes a burst of flavor that is way better than what salt can do. The tastes present more variety. These herbs and spices have their health benefits, too.

Indulge in Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can help in improving blood flow. Its cocoa content is a rich source of antioxidants. Also, dark chocolate helps in the release of serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine. These “feel-good” hormones helped dark chocolate to earn a spot in the list of “happy foods.” But remember to take dark chocolate in moderation.

holding treat in front of dog

Nurture a Furry Companion

There is something about taking care of a pet that is therapeutic. Their faithful companionship helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Cuddling a pet and playing with them can also serve as a good stress reliever. The active care of a furry animal can help you to keep moving. Walking a dog is a good way to exercise. Also, keeping up with the routine of feeding and cleaning them provides you with a sense of balance.

Go Green Indoors

Being in the confines of your home sometimes makes you feel stuffed. This may be because of a lack of good airflow. An ample amount of oxygen is important for your heart’s function. Bringing in household plants will aid in the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. They can even help you to have a good night’s sleep. Green also has a soothing effect.

Exerting all efforts to make your heart healthy contributes to your general wellness. With a robust heart, you can keep up with an active lifestyle.

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