Telling Signs You Need to Seek an Orthodontist’s Help

A lot of people are aware of the importance of oral health. When it comes to presenting yourself to others, this can make or break the image that you want to project. You may have the prettiest face or a gorgeous sculpted body, but all that can fall on the wayside if you have a smelly breath or crooked teeth. You may be able to try to hide those by keeping your mouth closed, but that will not be an ideal way to live. You will forever be preoccupied with doing that instead of enjoying the company of others.

If you want to gain your confidence back, it is time for you to consult an orthodontist or dentist in Oviedo, Florida. Maybe a little cleaning of the pearly whites would help. Or you can get braces to get them lined up properly again.

Speaking of orthodontists, their area of expertise is more on aligning the structure of your oral cavity. That means that they can straighten out misaligned rows of teeth or dislocated jaws. But how would you know if you need to consult one? Here are the telling signs:

Uneven Smile

A smile can make anyone’s face brighter in an instant. But there are people who lack the confidence in doing it simply because they are embarrassed by how their teeth look. Some have their teeth crooked, while others may have some missing at the front. There are also those whose upper and lower rows of teeth line up unevenly. At first glance, they seem to just be cosmetic problems, but there is more to that. Other complications that could arise include speech problems and breathing difficulty.

Popping Jaw

jaw pain

A large part of your day is spent talking to people or eating different kinds of meals. These all constitute jaw movement. For most people, this is second nature. You just do it by instinct. But like other joints in your body, the jaw can get misaligned or dislocated. Initially, this would not cause you any pain, but it could come later on. How would you know if your jaw is not in the proper place?

The best way to find out is to do some exercise. Try opening your mouth as wide as you can and do it repeatedly. You can also try moving your jaw side to side. If you hear or feel something pop, you most likely need to consult your orthodontist and see if you need to have it corrected.

Lingering Headaches

There are a lot of things that can cause headaches. Pain caused by irregularities in your oral cavity could be one of them. Remember that your face is also full of muscles that can burn out when overworked. For example, when you chew something tough, you are putting a strain on the muscles and nerves of your jaw. These could radiate to your cheeks and eventually your head. When this happens, consciously make yourself relaxed and think about unclenching your mouth; just let it loose. If the pain goes away, that means that the tired jaw may be the culprit.

Noticing these signs can save you a lot of discomfort and pain in the long run. There are things in the oral cavity that cannot be rectified by regular brushing alone. If it is the joints or the overall structure that is affected, you may need the help of an orthodontist to have a longer-lasting solution.

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