Could a dentist in Stevenage be the answer to your dental worries?

People’s changing perception of dentistry

In the past, a visit to your local dentist was something which was only typically carried out as a last resort. People would only usually visit their local dentist in a responsive way – meaning that they would only contact their clinic when they were experiencing some manner of dental pain or trauma. Toothaches, and chipped or broken teeth were, historically, the bread and butter of most dental practices. Today however, many new patients of all ages are actively seeking out cosmetic dentistry solutions through their local practice. Unlike traditional, responsive dentistry, these are not procedures which aim to combat trauma or tooth loss, but rather to bring out and maximise the overall aesthetic appeal of a patient’s teeth and improve their self-confidence.

Cosmetic teeth whitening options

Anyone who is looking to make the most out of their local dental practice in Stevenage, and improve the way their smile looks, may consider seeking cosmetic teeth whitening treatments. This form of treatment is one of the fastest growing and most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry across the country, due to its swiftness in yielding results and the positive impact it can have on a patient’s self-esteem. Cosmetic whitening is one of the fastest, non-invasive forms of cosmetic dentistry which can visibly brighten a patient’s smile and rid their teeth of any extrinsic staining on their enamel. Staining of this nature can result from a number of factors – including whether or not a patient is a smoker, their dietary habits, or whether or not they consume drinks such as black tea and coffee, or red wine. Many who notice staining on their enamel can find it to have a detrimental impact on the way they feel, and how frequently they smile. Thankfully, there are now numerous whitening options which can brighten up a patient’s teeth both within a dental practice, and from the comfort of their own homes.

In-practice whitening


For anyone who is considering enhancing the beauty of their smile with cosmetic whitening, the first step of receiving any treatment is to visit a trusted provider of cosmetic dentistry and have a conversation. This no-fee consultation aims to allow the patient to have any of their questions that they may have around the whitening procedure, answered. It also helps the cosmetic dentist to determine the patient’s level of oral health, and identify anything such as periodontal (or gum) disease which may get in the way of treatment. Provided that the patient is fit enough, dentally, to proceed with treatment, a retainer will then be made of their tooth shape. Into this retainer, a perfectly safe amount of a specialist hydrogen-peroxide gel is placed evenly. Then the retainer is placed over the patient’s teeth, and the gel begins almost instantaneously in clearing away any build-up of stains, marks or tartar on the patient’s enamel. In just about an hour, the patient can find their smile’s shade to be visibly brightened, and can leave the practice with both a renewed sense of self-confidence, as well as a glistening, Hollywood smile.

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