Can invisible braces improve your overbite? Five orthodontic issues that clear braces can correct

There’s a lot of buzz around invisible braces. And understandably so!

Clear, removable and now affordable for many dental patients, if you have minor orthodontic issues as an adult, why shouldn’t you try them out?

Indeed, thanks to advancements in the field of adult orthodontics, there are many different types of clear or invisible braces to choose from. While you may have your eyes set on a specific aligner, it is up to the discretion and judgment of your dentist to pick out the most suitable brace to correct your alignment issues.

But can different brands of invisible braces correct different things?

As mentioned earlier, while the majority of adult braces can correct minor misalignments, if you aren’t too worried about wearing a clear brace, you will be able to correct more complicated orthodontic issues. And, if your dentist feels confident that you can correct your alignments using one of the many variations of Invisalign in St. John’s Wood, then why not go for it?

So, what dental issues can Invisalign near St. John’s Wood correct?


While having spaces between your teeth may not seem like a big issue, it can leave areas of your gums exposed to plaque and bacteria, which can lead to secondary dental problems.

One of the main reasons to try Invisalign by St. John’s Wood is to help alleviate the inconveniences caused by dental spacing, keeping your oral health in top shape!

Remember, that if you have very large gaps caused by missing teeth, you may not be suitable for treatment with an invisible brace, and may require a more complicated orthodontic device to resolve the issue.


Crowded teeth can also make cleaning your teeth correctly more difficult.

Often overlapping and causing gaps and crevices for bacteria to hide in, crowding is also a serious issue that can lead to gum disease, decay, and even discomfort.

Invisible braces can resolve crowding issues, by gently applying pressure to your teeth to move them into the desired position; unlike orthodontic braces, there is no tightening or excess pressure involved, making invisible braces a more comfortable option.


invisible brace

If your teeth are crooked, uneven in appearance or just do not fit correctly together at the front, invisible braces can still help you.

Although they are not suited to correcting more severe alignments of the upper and lower jaw, they can correct more straightforward orthodontic misplacement.


It is always an odd look when the rest of your teeth are straight, yet you have one tooth that protrudes either forwards, sideways or backwards.

Luckily, a prescribed period wearing invisible braces can push that protruding tooth back into line, leaving you with a straighter and better-looking smile.

Bite issues

One of the most common reasons to undertake invisible or clear braces as an adult, is to correct issues with your bite.

Including over, under, cross and open bites, your invisible brace should be able to correct them all, in accelerated time and with absolute comfort. What’s not to like?

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