Why visiting the hygienist should be your spa day of choice

When you think about having a spa day, you probably imagine fluffy robes and slippers, padding around dimly lit rooms and plunging into pools before having treatments and afternoon tea. However, while your mouth may enjoy the taste of chomping on scones and petits fours, your teeth may be left reeling from sugar overload. So, isn’t it time you treated your teeth and gums to a spa day of their own? Visiting a hygienist Richmond is the way to ensure that you keep your teeth healthy and happy, preventing the need for more invasive treatments down the line. There may not be panpipe music, but you can relax knowing that your teeth and gums are treated well and are here for the long haul!

What does the hygienist do?

Visiting your hygienist is all about preventing serious issues from developing with your teeth and gums, and the treatment they provide can give you a serious boost with your brushing and flossing efforts. Hygienists typically look out for signs of periodontal disease and gingivitis because bad breath, tooth loss and staining are some of the symptoms patients usually don’t want to experience! They can educate patients on the best techniques for keeping teeth and gums clean and also clean patients’ teeth and gums, removing plaque and calculus. They can offer smoking cessation advice, and all of their efforts should reduce the chances of patients requiring fillings or losing teeth.

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Hygienists work closely with dentists, offering a complementary set of treatments to the work that dentists do. Their advice could enable patients to avoid the need for more extensive treatment, so finding a dental hygienist who can help you look after your teeth properly is the best treat you can give your teeth!


Unlike spa days that are aimed at adults, children are actively encouraged to see both their dentist and the hygienist from an early age. The hygienist can play an important role in the prevention of issues developing in a child’s mouth. They can apply fluoride to strengthen children’s teeth, for example, and shine a special light onto the teeth to show the children where they aren’t brushing their teeth properly, educating them on the most effective way to do this. Your hygienist should offer treatment that is tailored to you and your children’s specific needs. By taking your children for regular checkups, you can allow them to have a happy and healthy experience of looking after their teeth and going to a dentist regularly for preventive treatment rather than treating issues that have already occurred.

Find out more

To discover how often you need to see your dental hygienist, contact your dental practice and book a consultation. They will be able to examine your mouth, take x-rays, if required, and advise you on the appropriate number of visits you will need to make a year. If your mouth is as healthy as can be, it could be as little as once a year, and that’s a spa day worth waiting for!

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