Enjoy an alternative orthodontic solution with invisible braces Clapham

Unlike traditional metal braces, which are easily noticeable and cannot be removed, invisible braces Clapham are easily removable. Invisible braces are also customisable and transparent. The great news is that they are just as effective as regular braces, offering the same results in a more discreet way.

Invisible braces can help to correct a variety of dental problems

One of the leading issues patients may experience is crooked teeth; this can often be easily corrected with the help of invisible braces such as Invisalign.

Patients who have overcrowded or overlapping teeth may also be at risk of developing cavities. Another dental problem patients commonly experience is gum disease, which can occur when teeth are set too far apart or even too close together. In this instance, patients may find that they have gum inflammation and experience tooth sensitivity when exposed to certain foods or drinks. Other symptoms include bad breath and even instances of tooth chipping. Invisible braces can effectively correct these issues so that you can eat and drink without any hesitation or discomfort.

In addition to overcrowding and gum disease, invisible braces can also correct overbites and underbites. If left untreated, misaligned bites may result in uneven wear on your teeth and increase your risk of infection.

dentist with a happy woman patient

Boost your confidence and enjoy a straighter smile

It’s common for people to notice another person’s smile during their first encounter with them, so having low self-esteem about the appearance of your teeth can negatively impact your self-confidence overall. It may lead to patients restricting themselves from social interactions and limiting their encounters with family and friends. Patients can turn to invisible braces to straighten their misaligned teeth, which can improve their opinion of their appearance and boost their self-esteem in the process.

Enjoy food freedom thanks to the incredible benefits of invisible braces

One of the disadvantages of having traditional fixed braces is that patients have to be careful about the type of food and drink they ingest. Thanks to invisible braces, there are no limitations, and patients can enjoy the liberty of eating anything from popcorn and nuts to soft-serve ice cream and corn on the cob. Simply remove your aligners before having your meal, and you can enjoy food freedom at its finest.

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Patients can look forward to a shorter treatment period of around 12 months

Another benefit of opting for invisible braces is the short treatment period. Unlike traditional braces, which can take between 16 and 24 months for results to show, invisible braces work quickly and effectively to help straighten teeth and correct dental issues in patients.

Enjoy fewer visits to your local dentist

Thanks to invisible braces, patients will be required to attend fewer appointments with their local orthodontist. Contrary to traditional braces, where patients need to consult with their dentist regularly for check-ups and tightening, invisible braces and aligners result in less dental work and the freedom to keep your weekly routines in place.

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